In an articlepublished in the New York Times earlier this year, Martha C. White presents a research on traveller satisfaction and how it is affected by the fees hotel guests pay for Wi-Fi. Citing a number of professional experts in the field as well as clients to both lower- and high-end hotels, she establishes that having to pay extra for Wi-Fi connection at the hotel is a  major drawback when booking a room. Travellers feel internet access is a basic commodity, like running water, for example.  And when it comes at an extra fee, they are prepared to look for it elsewhere.  

How can a hotel avoid this way of losing potential business and improve customer experience? Simple. Provide internet access for free and use it as a tool to boost sales.
Here's how.
Hotel guests, be they business or leisure travellers, generally look out for any or all of these three things: food, freedom,and fun.
The Guest Self Service portal of Clock PMS helps you give these to them while at the same time increasing your turnover and reducing your workload.


Using their smart devices or in-room tablets or smart TVs guests can browse the eMenu of your restaurant. The full HD pictures and descriptions of the complete list of your chef's creations are certain to increase the room service orders
Those that are in the mood for something more can find it too. Through the Self service portal guests can even book a table at the hotel restaurant, for their preferred time and date. 
All through no extra trouble for you or your staff. 


The Self service portal of this cloud hotel system lets guests check, or even pay, their billsonline and download their invoices. They can also check outon their own and save time, especially when they are leaving during peak hours or at an unusual time. They can even help you improve your service by leaving feedbackand rate their staywith you, too. This way they feel independent and in control, while you save on reception workload and working hours as well as nip potential problems in the bud.


Use the free Wi-Fi to inform hotel guests of local events and establishments. A simple hotspot software can take internet users to an information web pageas soon as they log online. The information there can vary indefinitely: your own trademark extra services, iconic local pubs, restaurants, or places of entertainment, special events, and so on. Why not go into some mutual referral agreementwith other local businesses and advertise them there, too?

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