Ever wondered how to organize all the different documents accompanying the routine or not so routine operations at your hotel? E-mail correspondence, quotes and contracts on paper, spreadsheets and text documents, even pictures – they all need to be neatly sorted, stored and easy to access.

In some of our clients' experience, Clock PMS, together with Evernote, turns out the be just the hotel-management-cum-customer-relationship software you are looking for. With the special 'Link' field in the bookings and in the profiles of guests and companies any file stored in Evernote can be accessed with just a click. And you get an extra copy of each as a backup bonus.

How? Read on.

Managing events in the hotel

All the stages of organizing an event at the hotel have some sort of paper or electronic trail. Or at least they should. Clock PMS helps record this trail and access it readily when needed.
Take a conference, for example. You get an email inquiry about the availability of your facilities and your reply is followed by a quote request. You send a quote and get a confirmation. You need all this information at hand, preferably in your property management software. No problem. Just clip a screenshot of every email message and save it as a note in Evernote. Get the links of the notes and save them in the event details in Clock PMS. Then there is the conference schedule and the menu spreadsheet. You need those, too. OK. Save them in Evernote as well and save their links in the event details again.
That's it. Your hotel event management issue solved.

TA contracts in the original

Contracts with travel agents and other business partners are processed and managed easily, too. You enter their terms in Clock PMS and the system uses them to calculate the conditions of each booking automatically. Fine.
However, you may need to check the original contract for comparison, audit or whatever other contract management reason. Easier to have it at your fingertips, right? Save it in Evernote and specify the link to it in the company profile. Do the same with any special offers to your partner.
Now all the documentation relevant to that agent's bookings is easy to find fast.

Even independent guests

Clock PMS tries hard to help you organize your work better and improve the relationship with your customers. Having the entire communication with a guest easily available can be really useful in that.
Bookings made through your web reservation system or an OTA are not an issue, they have their electronic trail by default. However, guests also book over the phone or with e-mails. While recording a phone call as a reference may sound a bit far-fetched (although perfectly possible with Evernote), saving an e-mail request does not. Just take a screenshot of it and put it in an Evernote note. Save the link to it in the special field in the booking details.
You have your reference point.

Relationship with customersis always best when there are no grey areas. Clock PMS helps clear those. Organizing relevant documents in Evernote, or some other cloud software, makes them easily available for reference to hotel staff, increases efficiency and helps solve potential problems in the bud. The side effect of this procedure is just as nice – you get an extra backup copy of all referenced files.

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