Best practices from real world experiences with Clock PMS+

#1: The ABC of the PMS+ and your internet browser

Clock PMS+ was conceived as a complete, 'cloud native' system and it is well and truly made for today's online world. No longer does your hotel software require a fixed windows workstation but instead it lives inside a browser, which will work on more or less any internet connected device, as good as anywhere. This article helps you make the best of the browser as you portable working environment, for instance when it comes to having shortcuts to specific PMS functionality, reports and even bookings!


a/ the browser?

No matter whether you prefer to use Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge or one of many other modern internet browsers, the PMS+ should generally work as by design, with small variations possible. It is of course important to use a recent version and apply security updates, which typically happens automatically. We strongly recommend you do not, however, use any particularly outdated version or even a browser that is no longer supported by its makers, like Internet Explorer. If you do, we cannot guarantee the PMS+ working as well or securely as intended, nor can we support this.

Browsers come with an ever growing number of tools that compliment the PMS's own. Needing to find a particular bit of information, like a precise amount, inside elaborate search results or filtered reporting data? The browser's search tool, aka CTRL+F on desktop, has you covered. Must absolutely print only a selection of on screen information to PDF or paper? A simple CTRL+P on desktop seals the deal. Casting the PMS to a big screen for instructional purposes? Just a simple press away in the most popular browsers. Many novice users of online applications are not practiced in how browser tabs allow them to very effectively multi-task, so that too may be worthy of discussing in a team briefing.


b/ make the browser your own

A browser environment is just as adaptable to (personal) preferences as your desktop in windows or other operating system. If the device is used by multiple members of staff, having a browser user for each of them can help serve browser settings per individual or shift, it can even replace logging into windows - where appropriate. This also allows users to move across devices, while maintaining use of the same working environment, that is constantly and automatically backed up.

When using business applications like the PMS+, it is important all relevant members of staff are familiar with how to make the best use of browser capabilities. We for instance wholeheartedly recommend you always make sure the bookmark/favourites bar is turned on.

How to Get the Most Out of the Chrome Bookmarks Bar

By doing so and if necessary by introducing folders on there too, you can create single click access to some of the deepest PMS+ functionality and screens you love (or need) the most. This not only saves time, it also replaces old working methods such as needing to set up the sharing of reports through email delivery or otherwise. Instead, providing team members with the right set of bookmarkable links once and for all gives them access to the PMS+'s very customizable dynamic reports that are relevant to their job, any time they like whatsoever. And if they need a daily 'reminder' or two, a simple recurring calendar appointment containing the same links works just as well, also across all their devices.


Bookmark favourite functionality and dynamic data sets for recurring use, across multiple devices!

Furthermore, managerial roles, as well as for instance housekeeping an maintenance, are well served by having the easiest access to specific functionality and information on mobile devices. On both Android and iOS and with most mobile browsers, thanks to the PMS+ offering deep linking near throughout, accessing most functionality and information is no different to opening an app, through a shortcut on the homescreen.

How to link a web page (or application) from a mobile device's homescreen

c/ the browser at the centre

Traditional PMS solutions typically lock you into their environment, to the point that copying and pasting data out of there isn't even an option. Cumbersome exporting to .CSV or .XLS(X)? With the PMS+ you can, but you can also progress to something altogether more of this day and age.

The PMS+ doesn't lock you and what is after all your data in. This means that filtered, dynamically created reporting results can simply be picked up and benefited from on the outside. When you combine the use of the PMS+ with a contemporary, online office suite for instance, such as Google Workspace or Microsoft Office 365, things become even more smooth. With browser tabs acting like the different tools of a swiss army knife, among other things, cost-effective business intelligence comes within very easy reach..

Zero export, easy access to real-time business intelligence inside of the browser.. bookmark

Open architecture alongside the Explore feature of Google Sheets™: How to Build Instant Charts

z/ in short

You make the best of the PMS+ by..

  • Understanding and employing everything the browser is capable of, complimenting the functionality of the PMS+ itself.
  • Creating shortcuts to all the functionality and preselected reporting views that suit your role, shift or department.
  • Putting all this behind a browser login/user, to be able to use it across devices while these are kept in-sync.
  • Replacing legacy working methods such as the scheduled delivery of reporting with single click, real-time access.
  • Employing it side-by-side with other cloud native solutions, whereby also reducing hardware dependency and costs.

Happy hoteliering with Clock PMS+ and the versatile technology of today!

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