While busy solving everyday problems, hoteliers often forget that the world is huge. Used to mostly serving guests from nearby regions, they tend to miss the big picture and the changes that occur. In recent years the tourist market has undergone major alterations with the rise of China overshadowing everything else. Nowadays the Chinese travel more than ever before and their numbers will only keep on growing. This represents a great opportunity but before you start reaping benefits, you have to prepare your property for Chinese tourists. This is what you should do.

Become known on the Chinese market

Before you can house any Chinese tourists, you should become known on their enormous market. All it takes is to start working with OTAs that have access to the Chinese market. Then you should be present on the most popular Chinese social networks such as:

  • WeChat
  • Weibo
  • Renren

It is pointless to use Google optimizations because Google is banned in China. Instead you should optimize your website for the most popular Chinese search engine - Baidu. You may also create a website of your property in Chinese. By following these steps your property will be visible to potential travellers from China. This means more bookings and more revenue.

Make your Chinese guests feel at home

The Chinese culture is very different from the one found in the Western world, so it is essential to prepare diligently for this market. Your best bet is to make your guests from China feel like at home. A few good ideas to achieve that are:

  • Teach your personnel a few commonly used Chinese phrases
  • Provide rice as part of your hotel cuisine
  • Equip your rooms with small kettles

The Chinese like to drink tea and eat soup made from noodles so they should not be deprived of these little amenities. In addition, provide restaurant menus translated in Chinese - this will greatly ease your guests and show you care.

Add support for Chinese payment platforms

Like we said China is very different from the Western world and this is also true when it comes to payment systems. The Chinese do not use credit cards issued in Europe or North America and do not like to carry large amounts of cash. It is your task to offer support for the most popular Chinese payment cards such as:

  • WeChat Wallet
  • AliPay
  • China UnionPay

Get to know the Chinese culture

China is an ancient country with history that spans more than 5000 years. Obviously the Chinese have had enough time to come with various beliefs and superstitions that are valid even today. You should be aware of them in order to provide even better services. For instance, the Chinese fear the number 4, because they associate it with death. Naturally, avoid giving them rooms with this number. Instead, try 8 - your visitors from China associate this number with luck and prosperity and won’t have a problem sleeping in Room 8 of your hotel.

The immense Chinese tourist market may be exactly the catalyst you need to grow further. It offers great opportunities for more bookings and more income, so it should be used to the fullest. All it takes is some preparation before you can kick your hotel business into high gear.

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