The collaboration between one of the fastest growing cloud PMS provider, Clock Software , and MAG Hospitality comes with the promise of enhanced customer experience

As part of our continuous commitment to forge closer and more effective relationship with our customers, the partnership with MAG Hospitality is the stepping stone of our entry to the Hungarian local market. It is also a key point of our strategy to expand and reinforce our presence in the region. Over the years, Clock Software has always strived to closely follow the concept of customer-centricity. Our customers drive us to grow better every day. All the challenges they meet along the way to the top become the starting point for the further improvement of our solutions. Joining forces with MAG Hospitality, we strongly believe, will be merely the first of many chapters of a long and lasting collaboration aimed at giving our clients in Hungary the best product and customer service possible.

Let’s bring the future of property management today

Clock PMS is a modern all-in-one hotel management platform that integrates hotel operations, POS, channel management and zero-click online distribution with next-generation digital guest services into one synergic system. The focus of Clock Software’s innovative and full-featured PMS platform is on empowering today's hoteliers to upgrade their legacy fragmented hotel management and distribution systems into a single all-round platform by taking the benefits of cloud computing and mobile-first technology. Clock PMS stands out from other similar PMS solutions for its organically integrated mobile guest service features letting hotels actively engage and interact with guests from the moment of booking. And the recently introduced Clock Kiosk and door lock system integration will cater to better customer experience on arrival in the property and faster, hassle- and error-free checking procedure alike.

Continuing the long traditions of excellence and highest quality

MAG Hospitality is a subsidiary of a Turkish-based company focused on tourism technology solutions. The mother company was established nearly 30 years ago and formed serious business partnerships over the consecutive years with world leading companies of the hospitality industry that still continue today. While centering its strategy on absolute customer satisfaction, and real market needs, the market leader in Turkey provides both software and hardware from world-leading producers to the domestic market. In addition with its accumulation of experience in the sector over the past few years, the company now also focuses on developing its own hospitality and retail technologies. In 2016 the mother company started its expansion on foreign soil, starting with Eastern Europe and the United Arab Emirates under the name MAG Hospitality. MAG Hospitality’s mission is to provide world-class technology solutions as well as excellent customer support and services for the global tourism industry. One of its main missions together with Clockware Software is to change the way PMS systems are perceived in the Hungarian market by introducing Clockware’s new top-notch next generation PMS Software.

In a partnership to benefit all

This collaboration with MAG Hospitality will most definitely bring Clock Software closer to the local hospitality industry - from independent hotels to the large hotel chains and groups. As a result of this joint effort, customers will be able to benefit from a new cutting-edge PMS platform technology and rely on a better and more personalised service approach specially tailored to cater to the unique needs of the Hungarian market.