Gartner's FrontRunners

Based on the research into 130 hotel management software products, Clock PMS has gained recognition and placement on the Gartner FrontRunners listing on Software Advice. Clock Software’s PMS solution deservedly achieved the Leaders sub-quadrant ranking determined by product performance data and reviews by customers.

The aim of the FrontRunners quadrants for hotel software is to highlight the top software products. In other words, only the top performers are placed in the quadrants. Software buyers can use the Gartner research to take more informed decisions when choosing the right software for their property. The FrontRunners methodology assesses software products based on two primary dimensions: The x-axis measures the capabilities and the value results are reflected on the y-axis. The score is between one to five for each axis. The position of a software product on the FrontRunners graphic, e.g. Clock PMS in the Leaders sub-quadrant, is determined by the Capability and Value scores.

Just the gist

The FrontRunners research is published on the Software Advice website, which is a trusted resource for software buyers worldwide. The listing draws on verified product data and end user reviews from websites such as, and You can find more info about the FrontRunners quadrant for Hotel Management Software here.

FrontRunners graphic
  • Upper Right = Leaders: Here we find the top performers among the all-around products, offering a variety of features to a wide scope of customers. These products have gained recognition as highly valuable by customers. As mentioned already, this is the sub-quadrant of Clock Software.
  • Upper Left = Masters: The Masters' main focus is on specific key features or market segments.
  • Lower Right = Pacesetters: Pacesetters have a strong set of functionalities, but are not rated as highly in terms of value.
  • Left = Contenders: Contenders focus on a more specialized set of features being priced at a higher point.

Proud to be Leaders!

The placement in the Leaders quadrant is yet another recognition of Clock PMS as an all-round hotel PMS platform integrating hotel operations, POS, zero-click online distribution, channel management and next-generation two-way guest engagement into one synergic system. The innovative and full-featured PMS suite of Clock Software has one of the greatest scores on the capability axis being focused on meeting the needs of modern hoteliers through a single all-in-one platform. The Clock PMS Suite incorporates the latest cloud-based technologies and stands out from other players on the hotel PMS market for its organic integration of mobile guest service features allowing hotels to actively engage and interact with guests from the very moment of booking.

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About Clock Software

Clock Software is a global provider of cloud-based property management systems (PMS), integrated online distribution, online & kiosk hotel self check-in solutions and mobile & in-room guest engagement systems with customers in more than 60 countries.