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In the hotel business having an excellent website is of utmost importance. It brings you global visibility and attracts guests with its superb content. More importantly it creates the decisive first impression. Sometimes, however, a website may be letting its visitors down. Is this the case with yours? Here’s a list of problems that your website may suffer from:

Slow loading speed

Most Internet users only spend a few seconds on a web page so if your website loads too slowly, people will simply leave it. Moreover, the loading speed also affects your SEO ranking. It is very important to have a site that loads quickly. To make this possible, you may limit the size of the images used or get rid of some multimedia features.

Too much or too little multimedia

Speaking of multimedia, your website should find the perfect balance between multimedia and information. It is bad if your website is mostly text but it is also bad if the multimedia used is simply too much. In the first case you will fail to provide visual, and hence appealing, information, while in the second one your visitors might become overburdened by images, videos and even music.

Outdated design

The Internet has evolved in recent years and so have online users. They expect to see a modern website that offers the latest technologies and features. If your website looks like it was created in the 1990s or offers a poor design with bad functionality, you will surely lose guests. They will think that your property is as miserable as your website and will refuse to book with you. To amend this issue, you may use a modern website development platform or hire a professional to create a stylish site just for you.

No mobile version

In recent years, the number of people who use mobile devices like smartphones or tablets to reserve rooms has grown tremendously. To not have a mobile version of your site means to limit the number of direct bookings you can get. But the mobile version you offer should also

  • Be user-friendly
  • Come with a design that eases reservations
  • Help with SEO and Google indexing

In this more and more connected world, the mobile version of your website is no small matter. It might be the thin line between success and failure.

Lack of an online booking engine

To not include a booking engine in your website is a critical mistake. How useful is your website if users cannot reserve a room? This is, after all, its main purpose. By not including a booking engine you severely reduce the number of direct bookings you are able to get. And if a visitor wants a room, they will have to call your reception desk. Why not save them this hassle?

Background music or video

Many hotel owners believe that it is very cool to have a video or some music on the homepage of their website. The truth is the opposite. Users want to get the information they need quickly and easily and what they get is a video they don’t want. It is the same with music. They haven’t asked for it, so why impose it on them and create confusion and annoyance? These negative feelings will likely lead to a lost visitor.

In today’s world running a hotel with no website is next to impossible. You will be invisible to the world and you will rely on walk-ins only, which will not provide the bookings you need. Therefore having a website is essential for your business but you cannot put just anything there. The content provided should be informative, attractive and fun and should provoke visitors to book directly with you. Only then will you be able to meet your goals.

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