Just like any other business field, the hospitality industry is also deeply affected by the ever-changing technology. Just a decade ago people were accustomed to having only a few gadgets but now everything is different. People rely on all kinds of digital devices on a daily basis. If technology is what people want, why not give it to them?

You can start by installing self check-in kiosks next to your reception desk. This may seem like a strange idea but it’s not. The number of kiosks has been steadily rising in the recent years and now more and more people expect to find them at the hotel lobby. This is especially true for people who travel often. Furthermore, these attractive devices come with a number of benefits for your business. Here are some of them:

Kiosks mean freedom and flexibility

One of the main advantages of kiosks is that they give your guests both freedom and flexibility. This can be easily seen. Travellers will no longer have to wait in line to reach the reception desk, as it usually happens. In a few clicks via the kiosk, they can now check-in or check-out and save both time and effort.

Kiosks let your employees do more

Kiosks work both ways. This means they not only save your guests’ time but also do the same for your employees. Having a kiosk, you will need fewer people at your reception desk and the ones you have there will be able to make a better use of their time working for you. The freed resources and time can be directed towards other activities that can bring other positives - such as more revenue, better guest satisfaction, etc.

Your revenue will go up

The time kiosks save can easily be used for other activities that will increase your revenue. For instance, you now have the opportunity to upsell or cross-sell rooms and promote extra services. The best part is that even these activities can successfully be delegated to your kiosk, too - then the increase in your revenue is just a question of time.

Guests can get more personalized services

More often than not, kiosks can be used to enter guest data, necessary for the hotel stay. It is a good idea for this information to include personal details, preferences, etc. This enables you to collect important facts that can be readily available when the same guest comes back to you. This data will then allow you to offer personalized services, which will further enhance the guest satisfaction levels at your property. Here it is essential for the kiosk to be well-integrated to a full-featured PMS.

Kiosks do not diminish the guest services you offer

Some hoteliers disapprove of kiosks because they feel these digital devices diminish the guest services they offer. This is an incorrect belief. In fact, the truth is exactly the opposite. For most people guest registration, check-ins and check-outs are boring and time-consuming procedures that they would gladly do as quickly as if given the chance. This is where kiosks can be of great help saving a lot of guests’ precious time.

The addition of kiosks to more and more properties is not a coincidence. Increasingly hoteliers become aware of the benefits that come with these cute electronic devices. They can save you time, money and effort, while increasing your revenue, so if you haven’t yet introduced them, maybe now’s the time to consider it.

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