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Hotel channel managers were a welcome change in the life of every hotelier solving a number of problems. They allowed hoteliers to actively manage all of their distribution channels in real time, saving them time, money and a lot of unhappy guests. They also made it possible to avoid overbooking, double bookings and underbooking. No wonder then a lot of hotel channel managers were created in recent years. But do you know what features a good channel manager must have? If you don’t, we are here to list them:

Availability and rate updates in real time

Availability and rate updates in real time are essential features of any successful hotel channel manager. If you come across a channel manager lacking these two, you can discard it without any second thoughts. Any good channel manager should also allow you to adjust rates and availability quickly and easily. It can connect to a large number of booking websites so when a room is sold, the availability changes automatically across all distribution channels. Other important features include how many channels it can manage, what periods of time it can work with and how many types of rooms it supports.

Reports on the performance of all your channels

A good channel manager can provide you with detailed reports on each and every channel. This will let you see how each channel is doing, what needs fixing, how much money you are making, etc. In a few words you will have better visibility on the overall performance of your channel distribution network, which will improve your performance, while cutting your expenses.

Connectivity to a large number of OTAs and markets

The next thing to check is how your channel manager connects to various OTAs and all the markets of interest to you. The connection to a large number of OTAs across the world will allow you to enter markets, which you thought to be out of reach - for instance, the Japanese one. Furthermore, this process should be easy and quick just like ending a relationship with an OTA you no longer consider necessary for your business.

Training and support

A hotel channel manager that is worth considering includes both training and support. If it doesn’t, then you risk losing a lot of time and money. How will you get familiar with a new channel manager if there’s no training? You will be able to grasp all specific features, but is it worth the effort? The same goes for support - it has to be great. After all this is a piece of software that will have its fair share of problems so when help is needed, you can be sure it will come in time.

In the hotel industry having a great channel manager is a necessity. It will allow you to sell your rooms in the most efficient way possible, while minimizing the number of unhappy guests, your financial losses and the time you waste on overbooking, underbooking and double bookings. Before you choose one, however, you have to be sure the features listed above are present. Only then will you be able to fly on the wings of success.

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