An inbox full of junk email is a sight that most people dislike but sometimes you can gain surprising benefits by keeping in touch with prospective guests via newsletters and email campaigns. They will keep people’s interest towards you and lead to more bookings. Not convinced? Here are some hard facts - newsletters and email campaigns are a direct marketing tactic aimed at people who value your hotel and trust you. Research has shown that emails are 40 times more effective at attracting new guests than Twitter or Facebook. Now we will show you how to enhance your newsletter and enjoy the positives that are sure to come.

Use an easy signup form

People like to do easy things so in order to draw more people to your newsletter you should use a signup form that is short and simple to use. Otherwise you will lose subscribers for sure. No one wants to spend a lot of time and get lost in a form while filling in countless fields. All you need in reality is a name and an email address so ask people to provide only this information.

Make the signup form visible

A simple signup form is of little use when people cannot find it. Yes, you may put it on your homepage but this is not enough. Why would you make people get back to your start page once again in order to signup and waste their time? The solution is to add the form to every webpage you have. It does not have to be too obtrusive, popping up all the time a visitor opens a new webpage, but make sure you have it in a place that can easily be spotted.

Reward subscribers

Rewards are another thing people like. They can be very useful when you want to entice people to sign up for your newsletter. Without them there will definitely be people who want to receive your newsletter on a regular basis, but their number will likely be limited. To increase the number of subscribers, simply use a tried and tested tactic - offer visitors a reward for signing up. Don’t worry - the rewards do not have to be big but still they have to be attractive enough to make people give their email address. Here are a few ideas to get people’s attention and emails:

  • You can offer travel guides that list interesting places around your hotel
  • special deals and room rate discounts
  • email only giveaways
  • lotteries and much more.

Use pop-ups

Many of you will think pop-ups are annoying - and they are. But they can get you more subscribers with ease if used properly and this is exactly what you want. In addition to this they engage your website visitors. You don’t have to show the pop-ups every time a visitor opens a new webpage - instead show them randomly but only once or use them when visitors are exiting your website. To increase the success rate, you can sweeten the deal by adding discounts, special offers, etc. to the pop-up window.

Improve your call-to-action

This is perhaps the most important point of all. You may have a cool website, an easy signup form, great rewards and attractive pop-ups but if you can’t make visitors provide their email, everything has been in vain. So in all cases you should improve your call-to-action. To do this, you have to use some word tweaking, stick to powerful language and a single call-to-action, try using different images to find the ones that work for you and make buttons stand out. Only then will you see real signup improvements.

Newsletters are a tool that many consider unimportant but they can be surprisingly effective in securing more bookings and revenue. You should only know how to use them properly. So take the first step now by using the suggestions above - and then watch how your room sales grow.

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