Hotel reputation

Hotel reputation is a topic that is often overlooked but the reality is that it can greatly affect your business results and revenue. In some cases it can even threaten the existence of your hotel. Clearly, hotel reputation needs careful management and maintenance. If you follow our advice, however, you will be able to shine among the competition and enjoy more revenue than ever.

Always strive for the best reputation

Positive reputation brings guests and money but the tricky part is that it is hard to build and easy to tarnish. Moreover reputation establishment starts the moment a guest books a room with you and continues until they leave your property. To ease the creation of a positive image of your hotel guest services must be impeccable at all times and if something goes wrong it has to be fixed as soon as possible. It is also a great idea to give your guests the chance to express their opinions online, either on your website, on your OTA webpage, etc.

Admit problems but solve them immediately

Let’s face it - despite all your best efforts, there will be moments when your services will be less than perfect. This is normal - after all no one is immune against mistakes, misunderstandings, and other unfortunate events that are out of your control. But if your guests indicate a problem, either in person or online, the best strategy is:

  • Remain positive
  • Admit it
  • Resolve the issue

This will show that you listen to your guests, you care and you want to ensure the best customer experience possible. Trust us, your efforts will not go unnoticed.

Good reputation means more bookings

Nowadays the Internet is the most powerful tool in attracting guests and building a positive reputation. More and more people use the global network to look for hotels, read guest opinions and reserve rooms. Research shows that an overwhelming percentage of people rely on online reviews and guest opinions before they book a room at a hotel. It is in your best interest, then, to encourage customers to leave positive reviews and not just on one website. The reason for this is simple - when a property has mixed reviews, people will look for other sources of information. If there aren’t any, they are likely to look for another property that offers more sources of information and book a room there, especially if guest reviews are positive.

Positive reputation allows you to make money

Here’s perhaps the most interesting aspect of keeping a positive reputation - you can increase your room rates without making demand suffer. Research shows that most people prefer to get excellent guest services than to save some money. So the majority of them will go to hotels with impeccable guest care despite their higher room rates. If your property’s public image is great, you can try to increase rates a little and do it until demand starts to diminish. This is the point where you have to lower prices to their previous level. Even if you up prices by 10 per cent you will make more money - the effort you have put into keeping guests happy now pays off.

Great property reputation is often the key to further growth and more successes on the competitive hospitality industry market. By supporting a positive public image, you will have more bookings, more guests and more income and this is what every hotel owner wants. All it takes to achieve this is to never forget you exist for your guests. So always be nice to them - and then enjoy the success that will come to you.

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