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Many hoteliers believe there are only three ways to get guests at their property - by working with OTAs, offering a website with a booking engine and by attracting walk-in visitors. But they are definitely mistaken because they miss something crucial - the power of social media. Millions of people use them on a daily basis and this is a huge pool which can bring you more bookings than ever. Let us show how:

Bet on popular social media websites

You should not waste time trying to find all social media websites because this is a hard task. Instead, focus on the most popular social networks - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Google+. If there’s a popular national social network in your country, then you can as well use it. The next step is to create an account, followed by an alluring page of your property.

Engage visitors with great images

The fastest way to impress someone is through visual content so your social media pages should be full of gorgeous photos of your property and happy guests. The best way to obtain them is through a professional photographer. You may also offer guests the photographer’s services for free - simply ask them to share their pictures on your social media webpages. The more photos you have, the better - this will make people spend a lot of time just checking out your property. A great cover photo to your page is necessary too - it is usually a large one and it will be the first thing your visitors will see.

Add games, polls and lotteries to your social network page

Adding polls, games and lucky draws to your social network page is another way to keep guests engaged. You will not only draw interest but keep it - people will come back to see the end results. This means that they will be exposed to your content at least once more. You should also add new and interesting content regularly to keep people coming back to your web page.

Master the art of using hashtags

Some social networks such as Twitter and Instagram make extensive use of hashtags, so it’s a must to be familiar with them. By including relevant and popular hashtags you will increase people’s awareness of your hotel and you will be able to reach specific audiences such as vegetarians.

Positive reviews are your best friend

Let your past guests share opinions on your social media page. These useful reviews will complete the picture a would-be guest needs to take their booking decision. Positive assessments, complemented by nice pictures will be just great here to increase the number of bookings you get. Even negative opinions matter - they will show you where you can improve so that you can offer an even better service.

The importance of social media is not something modern hoteliers should take lightly. Popular social networks can give you free access to millions and millions of people. To use this great opportunity you just need to add a web page to show your strengths and engage people. The end result will be an increased number of bookings - a dream come true for any hotelier.

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