As a hotelier, you have probably always wanted to be visible online. And why not? The Internet gives you a lot of power:

  • More bookings
  • Greater income
  • Less money spent on OTA fees, etc.

But as the saying goes, power without control is nothing. This is why you need to be in charge of your online distribution. Here you will find out how to achieve this.

Find the right OTAs for your business

Selling rooms without help from online travel agencies is a hard task. Therefore, it is necessary to work with them to increase sales and income. The problem is that you need to find the right OTAs for your property. The good news is there’s a wide choice but in all cases you have to completely understand the OTA’s terms before starting your cooperation. Also, it’s a good idea to look for one with lower fees since you will spend a lot of money on its services.

Use a channel manager

OTAs can help you a lot by they are not useful without a good channel manager. The reasons are several - they sell your rooms but lack room inventory updates in real time, which will inevitably lead to double bookings, missed profits, unhappy guests, etc. To avoid this hassle, you have to invest in a channel manager that will keep your OTAs and distribution agents always up-to-date. When a room is sold, the information will be immediately updated so the entire process will go smoothly at all times.

The need for a booking engine

Again, a channel manager without a booking engine is no good. First, bookings can’t be made and second, the room availability will not be provided automatically to the channel manager. OTAs, then, will not know how many rooms you have available for guests, which again brings you back to the same situation - double bookings, lost profit, etc.

Mobility is modern

With each day passing by people rely on mobile devices more and more. You can see smartphones and tablets everywhere. This requires you to get a booking engine. It will allow you to:

  • See your property’s performance
  • Update rates
  • Run reports
  • Engage with guests online

This way armed with your most convenient mobile device, you will never lose control over your hotel again.

Online distribution is a great tool but it needs to be controlled. Otherwise it will not work efficiently and you will suffer losses. By using the right OTAs, booking engine and channel manager, you will be in charge all the time. The result will be more sold rooms, more happy guests and more revenue. Isn’t this great?

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