Problematic Booking

Bad online bookings are no fun but you will get them every once in a while. However, if you start getting them too often, then there’s something wrong with your online booking process. This means that an examination is due and the end result should be identification of the issues that create the problem. Usually the reasons behind your suboptimal performance are several:

Bad management

Bad management occurs when you cannot close rooms for arrival and departure. This means that you will experience confusion when you have check-ins or check-outs, making you deal with upset customers. Sometimes you will also miss important details. For instance, a visitor will use an in-room fridge and then they will leave without paying. The end result is lost income and damaged company image due to the fact that you look unprofessional and without resources to serve your guests. Your guests do not get the level of service they need too.

The solution is to install and use an all-in-one property management system, which will allow you to manage all aspects of your hotel activities, including reservations. This will make you more efficient and increase the guest satisfaction level, your income, too. The chance for confusion, mix-ups and missed opportunities will also be lowered.

Lack of clear terms and conditions

If you answer a lot of questions every time you get an online booking, then your terms and conditions confuse guests. What’s even worse - they can be misleading. This means:

  • More unhappy guests
  • More lost income
  • Much explaining your policies to visitors, having booked on the Internet

The solution here is not complicated - again, install and use an all-in-one reservation system that clearly lists your terms and conditions. More importantly, your cancellation policy should be simple and easy-to-understand. You can also add examples that discuss the most problematic situations - they will save you both time and effort in the long run.

Having such a system nowadays is mandatory. Just look around and choose the right one for your property to start reaping the benefits. It’s that simple when your system has all the must-have features.

Channel management issues

Getting too many double bookings or lots of incorrect information means you are facing channel management problems. They need to be fixed as quickly as possible. You either have channels that are not efficiently updated or you get wrong information. Or you get no information at all. The end result is always disappointed guests and lost revenue. To solve this problem you need an all-in-one reservation system that offers efficient channel management. It has to work closely with your distribution channels by using a pooled inventory model so you can sell as many rooms as possible through as many channels as possible without, of course, any double bookings.

Online bookings have always had their fair share of problems but you can solve them. All it takes is using the right property management/reservation system and soon each one of these problems will be in the past. It is not too hard to find the one for you - just look around and you will.

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