Wi-Fi connectivity

When running a property, it is easy to forget the technological amenities you have to offer. But they are very important - you will likely not stay at a place not offering Wi-Fi, will you? Even if this service is available, there are some critical mistakes you may make. Here are the more important ones:

Wi-Fi service is not that important

This is the worst mistake you can make. Modern travellers rely more than ever on the Internet. They will quickly become disappointed if they cannot use their GPS, check their e-mail, Facebook account or download online content. And what about business travellers? The wireless Internet access is vital for their work. By not offering high-speed Wi-Fi you will surely blemish the image of your property and diminish the number of returning guests. It will also prevent your present guests from using services such as the hotel self-service app In other words, offering a fast and accessible Wi-Fi connection is something everyone expects.

You can build Wi-Fi infrastructure on your own

Building a Wi-Fi network is not an easy task to be done in a day or only on your own. The best bet is to have professionals do it for you. If not, you run a serious risk of wasting money, purchasing unnecessary equipment and taking a really long time to install it. And after all that effort, your Wi-Fi service might still not satisfy the needs of your guests. Yes, hiring professionals will cost you, but will also save you both time and money in the long run. Your guests will enjoy a better Wi-Fi service during their stay and it will lead to more returns as well.

It's OK to compromise on Wi-Fi speed

Once again, fast Wi-Fi connectivity at your property is a necessity. This will benefit both you and your guests. Also, in recent years, the price of fast Wi-Fi access has dramatically fallen. All it takes is to find the best offer. Let’s not forget, your ultimate goal is to have happy guests at your hotel. Can you afford to deprive them of the pleasure of surfing the net fast?

Charge extra for faster Wi-Fi

Often various properties advertise their Wi-Fi service on their websites but there could be a catch - they may charge their guests extra for faster Wi-Fi. If you do this, then you might want to reconsider. A lot of guests think they have paid enough to have fast Internet access included in the price. The contrary makes them feel ripped off, unhappy and annoyed. You wouldn’t want to have such guests, would you?

Not upgrading your Wi-Fi equipment regularly

The Internet has been developing rapidly in the recent years and now it is full of complex websites, video content, ads, and buttons. Each one of these features costs a lot of traffic. With time your Wi-Fi equipment will become obsolete and slow, so an upgrade is necessary every few years to keep up with technology. Otherwise your Wi-Fi service will suffer and so will your guests.

In the connected world we live in it is a great idea to offer an excellent Wi-Fi service at your property. Guests expect it and a disappointment is not on the list. Otherwise the overall attractiveness of your property will diminish and you will lose a lot of guests and money in the long run. We bet this isn’t something you want, is it?

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