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The importance of the Internet has grown tremendously in recent years. Can you imagine your life without it? People nowadays do pretty much everything online and the same is true for the hospitality business. In fact you cannot run a hotel properly if you don’t have an online booking system. But what are the features of a great one? Here they are.

A gallery with beautiful images
Your hotel booking engine is the last place a visitor goes to before reserving a room. It is important to eliminate the last customer doubts and secure a sale. To do that, just add a gallery with beautiful pictures of your property. You will tease the senses of the customer and make them dream what it is to be there. Then the sale will occur in a matter of seconds.
A nice user interface
A great web reservation engine is supposed to ease visitors. What’s the purpose of having a system that is confusing and hard to navigate? Therefore it should have an interface that is easy to use. It should also load quickly, function flawlessly and make it very easy to reserve a room. After all no one wants to waste time trying to find out where your calendar is and how to get a place to stay.
A user-friendly calendar
You can find all kinds of calendars but the one in your booking engine is supposed to be convenient. In fact your goal here is to provide users with an easy-to-use calendar. They should be able to effortlessly determine their preferred date and time of arrival and the duration of their stay. If your calendar is hard to use, you will likely lose visitors who will simply look for another hotel.
An attractive “Book Now” button
Your “Book Now” button is the most important tool you have in your online booking interface so do not underestimate it. It has to be eye-catching and based on language that calls for action. In addition it has to be easy to find. These features will further increase your booking rate.
A precise charge list
People need to know the type of room they are getting but they also have to know how much they owe you. To make things easier and better, you should provide your clients with a list of charges that clearly shows the amount due and when it is to be paid. There are many ways to pay this money but no matter which one you prefer, always provide your guests with precise information on the incurred charges and the accepted methods of payment.
A secure and simple payment processing
There are hotels, which require visitors to pay right after booking. If this is your case, then it is a good idea to implement simple and secure payment processing. The entire payment process has to be quick, straightforward and easy. You can add support for popular payment systems like PayPal, Alipay, Apple Pay, Due, Stripe. In all cases it is crucial to make your payment system as secure as possible. A PCI DSS certification is also necessary.

A great hotel booking engine may have diverse features but these are the most important ones. They will take your clients from A to Z and will ensure you sell rooms and generate revenue. In the hospitality business this is exactly what you need.

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