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A few weeks ago the most used social network Facebook reached a new milestone - 2 billion active users per month. This means that about a third of the world’s population is regularly there and on top of this Facebook enjoys 1.3 billion daily users. These huge numbers clearly show one thing - the popular social network has become a great channel for sharing information about your property, hotel chain or location. All it takes is a Facebook account.

To succeed on Facebook, however, you need a strategy. Although you can pay for having a few ads published, there are also other winning approaches. The best part is that they will cost you nothing. Here’s how you can attract more people via this social channel:

Use Facebook’s Events and Recommendations features

Facebook has Events and Recommendations features you may be familiar with. Events allow you to announce your own events and promote them to the general public to draw the attention to your property. Recommendations let you to keep a close eye on the feedback your guests give. Then you can make improvements where needed. As a rule of thumb, the more positive comments you have, the more guests you will be able to attract.

Visibilibility is all

The number of people looking for hotels and places through Facebook’s search engine is amazing. So it is important to have a great looking Facebook page. One of the best ways to come up at the top of the search results is to post photos of happy holidaymakers at your property. You may ask your guests to take and share photos on Facebook or even encourage them with prizes to tag your property in their photos.

Short messages are the way

Do you know that short messages and posts on Facebook attract more attention than long ones. In addition, short posts and messages are more likely to be shared. So when engaging your guests and their friends, it is a good idea to keep your messages short and simple. You wouldn’t want to bore your visitors, would you?

Always engage your audience

You should always engage the people visiting your Facebook page, guests, and all people who may be interested in your property. The direct contact here is essential. For instance, all posts you receive should be personally answered. Appropriate responses are very important and this is especially true when you have to deal with negative comments or reviews. In such situations, professional attitude and understanding is what should guide you. By fixing problems you will show you care to both the person who complains and potential guests.

Videos are even better

While pictures are a great way to create and keep interest, videos are even better. They can present your property in best possible light and generate massive levels of user engagement. Your audience should be offered high quality videos with interesting information about your property, nearby places of interest and events. For example, tell people you have an outstanding restaurant with exclusive recipes, great places nearby, awesome activities and other excellent services. This surely will make your visitors eager to book.

Let guests book through your Facebook page

After engaging your guests, the fastest and easiest way to get a reservation is by adding a booking engine to your Facebook page. It is a simple task if you have a full-featured PMS platform integrated with Facebook, so that a special button can be added to your page. Once clicked, it will the visitors directly to your booking engine. Thus, you will not only get more guests, but also save a lot of money that would otherwise have been spent in OTA fees.

Facebook is easily the greatest online platform of our day. It has an enormous number of users and abundant resources you can use to your advantage. By creating a Facebook page of your property you will be able to directly engage thousands of people and greatly increase the chances for more and more successful bookings. Isn’t that great?

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