Mastering Hotel Distribution:

When an industry is in a constant state of flux it is important to be the person riding the wave, rather than the one watching it go past. Consider how things were done some twenty years ago, in order for a client to book a trip they would have to research the location by purchasing travel journals and then they’d need the help of a travel agent to actually make the trip happen. They’d have to physically sit down with another person and pour over plane ticket prices and hotel options. This way of doings things is over, but that does not mean that the method itself is obsolete. It has simply been reinvented online.

There are entire generations of customers who will not even consider walking up to a traditional travel agent. They’d probably see pictures of some location on instagram, look up plane ticket prices for that location, call up a friend or two, then browse a number of online travel agencies and pick their hotel. It is no longer a rare occurrence to plan and book a trip in less than a day, which puts you and your competitors in a time crunch.

Best price for value is still the rule of thumb when it comes to booking a stay, which forces businesses to lower rates in favour of booking as many rooms as possible. This puts you at a disadvantage as you’re now running a business whose main edge is underselling its own value. Here’s how you can change this:

Why Do You Need a Hotel Software?

With an increasing number of effort saving software solutions already at your disposal, it is hard to make an argument for not having adopted some form of this medium. Changing consumer behavior along with a host of other conditions, such as an increasing interest in travel as a casual past time, the average workload you face can rise dramatically.

A property management system (PMS) can help you automate the drudgework and increase your overall productivity by presenting you with a host of intuitive time-saving solutions such as an integrated channel manager .

Imagine you no longer had to spend resources on figuring out the best way to price your rooms across all OTA channels, prevent overbookings and struggle to list late cancellations as quickly as possible. The channel manager has been developed with this thought in mind as it brings order to an increasingly chaotic enterprise.

By implementing this solution you can manage all your OTA listings from a single interface, which will automatically update late cancellations, and the solution itself goes the extra mile by analysing available data and picking the best room rates for you.

Having your own online reservation system is another great way to increase revenue. All reservations secured via your website’s own booking engine bring in 100% of the profit, unlike bookings done via OTAs where the agency takes in a commission for helping you secure a client. Your booking engine can also be integrated into your Facebook page, allowing anyone who browses it to book with you immediately instead of having to click away to your domain or the OTA listing.

Diminishing Double or Overbookings

Overbooking is still one of the go to strategies for maximising revenue by ensuring full booking capacity. But nowadays the risks of alienating customers by promising them something and possibly not being able to deliver on that promise as well as driving down prices in order to secure the largest number of bookings simply does not pay off as it used to.

Many hoteliers now focus their energy on maintaining price integrity and catering to their guests needs as a way of maximising revenue. You no longer need to worry about late cancellations since the channel manager will immediately list the rooms on all channels, and it will do so with the best price in mind.

You Will Enjoy High ROI

But if you don’t strive for full room occupancy how do you make a profit let alone increase it? It’s simple, you anticipate your guests’ needs and wants and you make it as easy as possible to meet them. Your focus should no longer be the need to rush and book every room in your hotel, but rather to book on a deserving price and then proceed to upsell the guest on a variety of other services.

What what would make your client leave your hotel and spend their money elsewhere? Dinner, maybe drinks, the need for exercise and relaxation, or maybe an event? Providing them with a host of such services will guarantee a rise in the revenue that you could never achieve by lowering room prices in favour of full occupancy.

A happy client is one who’s more likely to splurge on spa packages and dinners, so why not make it easier for them by offering them a self-service app which they can use to order room service or book tables at your hotel’s restaurant.

Many clients are weary of their information security but you can assure your guests that their information is quite safe since all of your services use cloud-based property management software which minimises the chance of abuse of their information. Your guests will no longer have to take our their card or pay cash for dinner and drinks if your restaurant staff is equipped with a point of sale solution allowing them to directly charge the client’s room or their card.

Booking events makes up a big part of your annual revenue but it can be quite stressful on the guest. With an event management solution you can alleviate some that pressure and ensure that any event, be it a wedding or a conference proceeds as smoothly as possible.

The service allows you to book a room and the activities related to it so that they are easily accessible for later use. And it also keeps track of all expenses which are stored in a company folio for the client. You can even print out function sheets which list the time, locations, instructions and tasks which helps both the client and your staff keep the event on track.

Customise Guest Experience

The needs of your guests will always vary and with so many solutions at your disposal it can be intimidating having to pick the ones that best suit your business. An integrated channel manager aids you in running your business more efficiently, your booking engine helps you increase revenue per room but what solutions are essential to your clients’ needs regardless of the reason for their stay?

Your self-service app is the meet and greet of your business, since it allows the guest to manage their own stay, everything from their check in, down to the services they might wish to use. Accompanying it would be your hotel’s kiosk, which allows them to both pay for their stay and it issues their room’s smart key card.

You might feel that not every solution would bring enough value to your hotel which is why Clock Software offers individual solutions so that you may choose the best path to increasing your revenue and productivity.

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