cloud hotel software improves guest engagement

The guest engagement shouldn't start with their arrival at your property and end with their departure. With the rise of the new breed of guests, millennials and tech-savvy travellers, the expectations are also changing and evolving. Recent surveys have shown that 45% of people planning to book travel would prefer to use a smartphone or tablet for that matter. So hoteliers need to adapt and take advantage of this passion for connectivity. The automated mailing feature of your property management system can come in handy in this case. Through automated emails, you can start engaging with your guests long before they cross the threshold of your property and keep building up on their loyalty to your brand long after they are gone.

Be proactive and bring your engagement with guests to the next level

Technology plays an important role in the life of modern travellers and it is becoming the new normal to get in touch with your guests long before their arrival. And the email prompting confirmation of the booking made via the hotel's web reservation system or coming from the channel manager is only the beginning of the 2-way guest engagement. Just leave it to your property management system. A few days before the arrival, guests can receive an automated pre-arrival email with valuable instructions how to find the hotel and skip the boring check-in queues, or take advantage of tempting room upgrades and customise the stay with additional extra services of their choosing. This way you make them feel welcomed and their feedback appreciated, while seamlessly upselling your services.

During the stay: Keep in close contact with your guests at all times

You can use automated emails sent by the hotel management system during the stay of guests to encourage them to have greater control over their holiday and have their say heard. In addition to giving their feedback on your product, your guests can tailor their stay to best fit their needs. Just using the link in an automatically generated email, a tourist can access the easy-to-use self-service app of your property and in a few clicks opt for various offers of extra services and packages. It is quick and can be done on the go by simply using a mobile device at hand or the kiosk at the lobby of your hotel. As a result, guests have a really memorable holiday and hoteliers can grab the opportunities to upsell or cross-sell in real time. As a result, the 2-way guest engagement creates a win-win situation for everybody.

After the departure: Don't lose touch

The departure of your guests should not be the end of your communication with them. You can continue on building on clients' loyalty. Use the automated post-departure email not only to send your thank you message, but also as a token of your appreciation of the guests, it may come with a link for them to book directly at promotional rates next time or simply leave their feedback, as it is very important to you. As part of your loyalty programme, you can encourage your guests to subscribe to your newsletter with enticing special offers.

About Clock Software

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