cloud hotel software improves hostel operations

We live in a time where technology is on the rise and quickly spreading across the hospitality industry. So it's no surprise that hostels are no exception to this technology surge. Just on the contrary, more and more of them are rapidly embracing hostel management software to achieve higher operation efficiency, increased revenues from both rooms and beds while lowering costs and having greater control over every aspect of day-to-day operations from a single point.

Dorm or private?

For a long time, there wasn't a suitable booking software for hostels. In contrast to hotels, they can not only sell rooms, but beds, too. Here is why their management system should make a clear difference between a dorm and a private. Otherwise staff have to use various adjustments to the management software only supporting room types to make it work in the cases when beds are sold actually. The solution is a booking system that can easily process bookings for dorms or privates and all the related operations.

Streamlining day-to-day operations

Now that there are management systems specifically tailored to the needs of hostels, too, a number of daily tasks can be done in no time. All it takes is a few clicks for staff to take new bookings made over the phone or directly import the ones coming from the hostel web reservation software or a channel manager. Everything you need to successfully run your business is concentrated in a single point – your booking system. It will allow you to easily cope with the numerous tasks at hand – manage various rate types and restrictions, follow the availability calendar, process different kinds of payments or deal with cancellations and overbooking.

Selling more and more to leave no dorm or private vacant

No matter whether built-in or integrated with a third party solution, usually hostel booking software comes with a channel manager. With each new booking, it updates your inventory in real time. Also any changes to rates, calendar or content once made will simultaneously be spread by the channel manager across the websites. As a result, you get a lot more bookings and a greater conversion rate. And once again the time spent on these automated operations and mistakes made in the process are significantly reduced.

Relying on powerful statistics

The market strategy is an important element of any business. With the comprehensive reports of your management system, you can monitor every aspect of the booking patterns of your guests. Hostel owners and managers can take their decisions based on thorough information – from the channels preferred by their guests and the main types of rooms booked to the indispensable analyses on hostel performance measured through the use of the industry's key performance indicators. In short, the management system provides you with the tools to have detailed financial and statistical data of each aspect of your business in real time.

About Clock Software

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