Glenapp Castle

Somewhere in the midst of the woodland of Ballantrae, Scotland, hidden away from prying eyes, lies an impressive structure built in the style of the Scottish Baronial Revival. The sandstone building’s walls arch into the sky, edged by medieval-style battlements, with towers and turrets crowing its roof. Its windows overlook both the lushness of the estate’s gardens and the not so distant coastline of South Ayrshire.

This is Glenapp Castle , once the ancestral seat of the Earl of Inchcape, this stately home is now one of Scotland's most coveted luxury hotels. Aside from its regal stature, the castle hotel boasts seventeen suites, a five-star restaurant, on-site sports premises, including more popular past times such as croquette and more exclusive ones such as falconry, along with a number of off-site activities readily available at a guest’s disposal. The lure of the location is indisputable, after all, who could resist staying in a real castle?

Monumental Venue, Lifetime Experience

A wedding in a castle is a dream of many couples and the staff at Glenapp is more than willing to oblige. The hotel can easily transform into the venue of their dreams regardless of the scope of the requirements: they can choose to have a more intimate ceremony by eloping or they can invite anywhere from ten to two hundred guests for the reception of a lifetime. They can even choose to book the entire hotel, meaning that access to the castle would be exclusive only to their wedding party and no one else.

Crafting the perfect destination wedding requires dedication and quality, two of the top points that Glenapp staff take pride in. The couple would be aided every step of the way into translating their dream into reality with the help of their own wedding organizer and a host of seasoned professionals, such as Glasnapp’s Exclusive Chef David Alexander who will create the exquisite menu for the special occasion.

A Private Getaway

Staying at a castle is a privilege regardless of the occasion. Guests will find that the hotel offers a full range of comforts and activities to keep them entertained and at the same time creates ample opportunity to relax during their stay. Guests can enjoy exploring the castle grounds or they can book a boat trip and venture to the neighbouring islands of Ailsa Craig or the Isle of Arran, taking in the full beauty of the Scottish countryside.

Or maybe they’d prefer to partake in a game of tennis or try out something new like archery. The castle offers a wide range of activities to keep guests with amused during their stay. And if those aren’t up to their liking the guests can always take a cooking class or wine tasting session with one of Glasnapp’s wine-tasting experts at the castle’s wine cellar. Catering to such a broad network of guest interests is the ultimate mark of Excellence in the hospitality industry.

A Business Retreat

Corporate clients are a tough nut to crack, the intricacies of business never quite leave the room which is why it is so important for staff and company to communicate properly the purpose of the event. Is this a private business getaway only for senior management and CEO or is this an investment lure, where the focus is on both impressing the investors and giving them a good time?

Regardless of the answer, Glenapp is ready for it. The Glenapp boat can take the guests to some of the best golf courses in Scotland including the iconic Machrihanish golf course. And if a boat trip does not tickle the guests’ fancy, maybe they would prefer taking a helicopter directly from the castle’s landing site to basically any destination they wish to visit within a hundred-mile radius. Whether the guests choose to enjoy their stay on-site or off, they would have nothing to worry about. Creating an exclusive atmosphere for guests’ business partners and clients is something that the staff at Glenapp does with finesse and expertise.

How It All Comes Together

Glenapp Castle is exemplary in more ways than one. The challenges placed before the hoteliers and their staff are nearly impossible at times. In order to cater to the needs of the largest variety of guests the castle needs to be modernised, at the same time said guests demand a spirit of authenticity which they cannot receive anywhere else. Glenapp needs to both feel ancient and provide guests with the luxuries of modern life.

One way in which the hoteliers have managed to communicate this fusion is through their website. It is highly intuitive and easy to use, with direct booking options everywhere you turn. A direct booking engine tool properly utilised can ensure any hotelier that they are not losing guest prospects to lack of means of communication.

Modern guests trust online reservations and being given the option to book with the hotel directly they would likely skip OTA listings and go to the source. If they’re already browsing the venue’s website and considering booking, having an option to contact the hotel’s staff directly with inquiries pertaining to their stay would only solidify the deal.

With an establishment like Glenapp where the room capacity is quite limited, the focus is less on the bookings of the rooms themselves, but more on upselling the services. With the amount of time hotel guests spend on their phone, it would be unwise to overlook mobile advertisement as a way of getting across the ways in which guests can improve their stay.

A hotel self-service app gives the guest ample opportunity to make use of your on-site services. Anything from room service, to dinner reservations and spa sessions, can be ordered and paid for via the app. And finally, an event-driven establishment needs an event management solution that can handle the amount of customisation involved in planning any large group gathering.

Hotel software solutions offer historical heritage hotels such as Glenapp Castle the opportunity to step into modernity without visibly doing so. They provide new sales opportunities and alleviate much of the stress and concerns involved in the guest experience. Turns out you can both have your cake and eat it, too.

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