Clock meets Clog: Clock PMS hotel software in the Netherlands and Belgium

The comprehensive, reinvented PMS, brought to the low countries!

After making its way to properties in over 60 countries, we’ve been noticing some particularly strong interest in our next generation of hotel PMS from some areas, not least among which ‘low countries’ The Netherlands & Flanders! Therefore, it's high time to introduce you to our dedicated, local representation by hotelligent bvba of beautiful Bruges, led by Steve Bliekendaal, an industry veteran of over 20 years.

Though you may also come across Steve in his role as our Business Development Manager elsewhere, his company will be focusing on all Dutch speaking parts of the world, from Winschoten to Willemstad and Tongeren to Texel! These areas have traditionally been at the forefront of technological developments in our industry and we are excited for Clock PMS to have already been selected for use by some of the local top-rated properties and future openings.

Here, we anticipate many more businesses to soon identify and require a need for the very latest in solutions, those that enable them to consolidate the tools they use and interact with guests in the modern way sought by them.

Please do reach out to Steve for any (local) queries whatsoever, he’s more than happy to bring all that is ​Clock to light!

Steve Bliekendaal- Clock by hotelligent

hotelligent BVBA

Steve Bliekendaal

+32 (0)473 57373