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When it comes to the hospitality industry, consumer expectations are all the same - secure, seamless and speedy bookings. With the emergence of newer technologies every year, it is unthinkable to imagine the hotel management without them - from cloud technologies, big data and artificial intelligence, to property apps letting guests share their experiences. With such a diversity, we can't deny their importance. The latest trend in the hospitality industry is about embracing the new technologies for automating and simplifying many of the tasks. Here are a few interesting ones to watch out throughout 2018.

Hotel Trends

The Spending Power of Millennials

Millennials are more fond of purchasing a health-oriented, personalised experience than possessing physical products. So, if you want to sell your products and services to that generation you’ll have to rethink your marketing strategy.

What’s more, surveys show that the earlier they book these experiences, the more pleasure they have from the impending treat.

How can your business take advantage of this?

Start by sending pre-arrival emails so guests can upgrade their deals with add-ons. It’s the perfect time to reach out and offer them upgrades that can further increase their anticipation. The hotels that send emails prior to the arrival of their guests have seen an increase in the revenues, higher online reviews and more direct bookings .

Future Trends in Housekeeping Operations

The miscommunication in hotel departments can lead to turbulent relationships between employees. Traditionally, this is the most common case in the housekeeping department.

The future of hotel cleaning lies in the technologies. Housekeeping solutions can provide you with real-time updatеs of room statuses and drive an instant increase of efficiency and elevated guest service standard.

The Impact of GDPR

Complying with GDPR may seem like a daunting task, but in reality, it can be used to your advantage and add value to your hotel. Making sure the personal data is properly managed, stored, and retained will require a lot of time to readjust the current operations. Hotels should not postpone this as the regulation is taking effect in May 2018.

Hotel Technology Trends

Mobile is the King

Since the recent update from Google will first index the mobile version of a website, having a mobile-ready one is of high priority in terms of SEO. The increase in revenue will be in direct correlation to the capacity of the website’s mobile version to efficiently meet the needs of customers. Here is why the optimisation of hotel websites should be focused on accessibility, customer engagement and regular updates of the content for better performance.

Automation with Cloud Services

The hotels embracing the technology to improve their operations attract more loyal guests and encourage new travellers to visit their property. Automating most of the operations at your hotel will allow you to increase the bookings, reduce the workload, gain and maintain PCI compliance. With a cloud-based property management system you can run your hotel from a single dashboard. It’s easy to manage reservations, distribute rooms evenly across OTAs and boost your level of security.

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Mobile Check-In/Out

Besides a smart property management system , nowadays, the majority of hotels also rely on a mobile key technology. Through an app on their smartphones or the hotel kiosk at the lobby, guests can enjoy seamless check-in/out on the go. This innovation considerably improves the guest experience allowing the reception staff to attend to other important matters.

Social Media - the New Search Engine

Though not a new phenomenon, social networks remain a key trend. It has become a must for many guests to share their experience on the various social platforms or simply check what others say about one or another hotel. It goes without saying that you’ll need to go the extra mile and provide your guests with a stay to remember and share online with top-ranking reviews. And this is not a matter to be taken lightly. For example, Google reviews are immediately shown when searching for a hotel. So, encourage your guests to leave reviews about your property on social media, which inevitably will bring more bookings and greater revenue.

To make sure you are responding to this growing trend, be present on social media on the channels that best make sense for your company. Business2Community

Enhance Customer Experience

The travel industry has become an emotional experience and the needs of the customers are ever changing. It all begins with the search for the hotel and continues through the check-out. Focus your efforts on enhancing every aspect of the your guests’ journey and making their stay memorable.

AI to Improve Customer Relations

In the hotel industry, artificial Intelligence is still in its infancy but it already has numerous practical applications:

  • In-person customer service - the Hilton adopted a robot-concierge providing guests with tourist information;
  • Chatbots and messaging - such technologies have been utilised on social media platforms. With them, customers can ask questions and receive instantaneous answers. This is invaluable for hotels as it provides response times that are impossible to maintain with human-to-human interaction.

Getting ahead of guest expectations is becoming the industry standard. Making use of the emerging trends will let you directly reach out to potential guests and start building on their trust right from the get-go. Then it is only natural that they will spread the word about their marvellous stay on social media which will surely turn your property into the go-to choice for many vacationers.

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