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Staying relevant in the age of the internet can be a challenge as digital advancements can put even the most seasoned hotelier on their toes while they try to keep up with the waves of technological progress. With so much going on it can be challenging to determine how to best make use of these advancements to benefit your business but there are several points that you should keep in mind:

Benefits of Technology in the Hospitality Industry
Before you can even breach the subject of the customer you need to get your house in order digitally. You are probably well aware of how challenging it is to keep track of every OTA listing, updating rooms, cancelling reservations, managing room rates, it never really ends. Which is where a hotel channel manager can be quite beneficial to your enterprise. To put it simply, it does it for you.
It is an intuitive design which presents you with a single platform from which you can manage all of your OTA listings, and it goes even further as it can evaluate meta-data and automatically update room rates, ensuring an optimal listing for each room.
The main benefit to a hotel channel manager is that it frees so much time and resources which can be better allocated elsewhere, such as updating your website and managing a variety of social media profiles for your business.
Your online presence is a clear sign of how up-to-date you are with times and that is something the modern customer looks for in a business. Which is why your secret weapon is your own website.
Spending on a service always prompts the inner detective in a client, so once they do decide to look into your hotel they need to find an upgraded website, complete with its own booking engine which operates on par with those of online travel agencies.
This is not just for show, however, if you give a client enough incentive such as special deals or room upgrades they will always prefer to book directly from your website, which helps your revenue greatly. Furthering the guest experience is a hotel self-service app, which allows the client to check in remotely and select their own room.
Guests don’t like to be kept waiting but that is the unfortunate side of an in-person check in which is why hotel kiosks are an increasingly frequent sight. They allow the guests to check in, pay for their stay and have their smart room keys issued all in a push of several buttons.
These stages are an integral part of the guest experience and play greatly into customer loyalty. In that sense investing in a rejuvenation of your current tools, be it your website, or your property management system can mean opening a door to channels of revenue previously unexplored.
Improve Guest Services in Your Hotel
Guests’ needs vary greatly depending on the purpose of their stay and the price bracket they are confined to, but that does not mean that they should receive different levels of service, rather you’d need to find the best way to meet their respective needs.
A point of sale solution, for example, could be quite useful to your restaurant staff, as they will be able to minimise mistakes and afford your customers the care they need by managing their service all the way from helping them choose a table, to order, and paying for their meal.
Consider this scenario, a group of guests have arrived for dinner and are enjoying their meal, once they get the check however one of them, to his utter embarrassment, realises that he’s left his wallet in his room.
This puts the guest in a position of having to ask one of his companions to comb his meal but instead, the waiter could step in and suggest billing his room, or his credit card which he can do directly via the point of sale solution.
Being accommodating and understanding is what turns this potentially unpleasant episode into an anecdote which the guest can relay whenever they talk about their stay. Best of all your business comes across as technologically savvy, the sort of place that people would want to seek out.
Social Media - Know Where to Go
You probably already have a Facebook set up for your business but did you know that you can get a free direct booking engine integrated into your page? All you need is to open your Facebook page tab app (there are a host of such apps online, all of them would work for this) then just get the URL from your WRS setting in the hotel property management system and there you have it. Your facebook page now has a functioning booking engine and your clients will thank you for it.
Drive More Direct Bookings
So how do you get customers to favour direct bookings over OTAs? Some hoteliers offer free room upgrades for instance, but that can only go so far. What you need to do is study the appeal of online travel agencies, they’re fast, mobile-friendly and present the potential guest with a vast number of options.
You, on the other hand, provide a more personal experience for your guests, you anticipate their needs and wants and ensure that they have a stress free stay. Once you’ve built this connection you can ask for reviews, be it on your website or on their own (nowadays everybody has a blog), or maybe remind them of the experience by updating your Instagram and facebook pages.
Next time they’re in the area they wouldn’t see any appeal in scrolling through various identical listings, plus they already know how easy it is to book a room with you, and besides they still have the self-service app installed.
What Types of Guests Can Hotel Technology Help Attract?
When you choose to use property management system which encompasses everything from offering a mobile booking and check in to a variety of on-site services that your customers can enjoy, you’re casting a wide net for a customer base. You can now appeal to anyone from college students on their spring break, to various companies who are constantly on the lookout for a great deal for their events. With the advent of new technologies and services you need to constantly move and change to adapt but the payoff is certainly worth it, as every solution adds weight to your business’ name in the industry.

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