cloud computing

The cloud-based technology is the new normal. Like many industries, the hospitality industry is also rapidly embracing it. Though it's not that rare phenomenon to come across hoteliers still using a pen and paper to run their hotels, the majority have successfully entered the digital age, and recent surveys have shown that the number of those shifting from the legacy property management systems to cloud property management systems or planning to do so is growing.

Technology made affordable

Over the years hotel management systems have become the operational backbone of hotels. These systems are a reliable means of handling day-to-day hotel operations. However, there has been a serious barrier to their adoption by small and medium-sized hotels. It's the related costs:

  • Large amounts for upfront fees
  • Possession of an own server and server OS
  • On-premise IT support
  • Hardware upgrades to keep operations running smoothly

These major cost-related issues for many properties, not having the resources of the big hotel chains, have skilfully been solved by the cloud revolution:

  • A web-based hotel PMS uses the cloud to handle operations and store the information.
  • The system is supported and upgraded by the IT specialists of the vendor.
  • The subscription payment model used here eliminates the substantial upfront investment, which is further cost reduction.

If cloud-based, is it secure?

The reliability and security of any property management system is pivotal. The surge of cloud technology has raised many security concerns. The reality, however, is that a cloud solution is much more secure than an on-premise one. All data of bookings and hotel operations is stored on secure remote servers protected against hardware breakdown, virus and malware threats. With a cloud-based hotel PMS, every hotel can afford to have the highest level of data security without having employed a single IT expert even.

Expedite operations with an all-round solution

Another key advantage of a cloud-based property management system over a legacy one is its operational efficiency. Intuitive and very easy-to-use, a web-based solution leads to an improved learning curve for hotel staff. Furthermore, the same no longer needs to waste time and efforts tracking a separate reservation system and manually update the hotel PMS with the new online bookings. The cloud technology comes with expanded capabilities: integration of your hotel management system with an online reservation system and connection to channel managers and OTA sites. Thus there is data update and synchronisation in real time. And that’s not all. The featured self service and messaging options for guest requests and feedback let hotel staff stay in touch with guests at all times.

Flexibility and efficiency - anytime, any place

The cloud-based solution makes the whole property a giant reception desk. Hotel managers and staff no longer need to be confined to the reception area to access data and perform operations. That’s right. The web-based applications are mobile first. You can operate them from any computer, laptop, tablet or even a smartphone, because they are responsive to whatever device you have at hand. This enhanced operational mobility and flexibility bring property managers and personnel closer to guests and their needs. And here comes the inevitable result - higher than ever guest satisfaction.

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