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A research shows that for 81% of travellers consider guest reviews of hotels to be very important*. Though neglected by many hoteliers, the role of online reviews is crucial for the revenue your hotel generates. The holiday buying decision of 88% of guests has been influenced by the online reviews read** and 49% say they won't make a booking with a hotel if there isn't a considerable number of positive reviews*. The more positive reviews your hotel gets, the greater the chance is for the customer to be swayed to book instead of continuing searching for a better alternative.

Encourage guests to share their experience

What could be the best way to encourage your guests to share their experience of your hotel on the web. The answer is simple – just ask. Surveys show that about 37% of guests when asked are happy to share their feedback online. However, there is a catch. It's not enough to have reviews, you need positive ones. So your first goal is to achieve the wow effect. Don't spare any effort to make the stay of your guests at your property remarkable. The positive reviews come from guests who are delightfully surprised how even their greatest expectations have been exceeded. From this point on, it gets much easier. All you have left to do is grab the wave of the good vibe accumulated during the stay.

Make it not only easy, but natural for guests to leave a review

Streamline the whole process and eliminate any possible obstacles in the way for guests to leave their feedback. You don't really expect guests to go the extra mile just to leave their review. Actually, there are such holidaymakers - the disappointed and angry ones. And what about the rest? Here a cloud-based PMS with a built-in guest mailer and a well-integrated self-service portal comes in handy. Many ponder when the most appropriate time is to ask for a review, while the more important question is how – how to make it easy and natural for guests to share their experience. An effective solution is to include a review link in the personalised content of the post-departure email automatically sent by the guest mailer to thank them for choosing your property. Along with your appreciation for the guest you encourage the latter to do the most natural thing in the time of global connectivity – share their thoughts, feelings and impressions of the stay at your hotel. But should you wait for guests to leave your hotel? The smart thing to do is also have such a review link in the self-service app, as you never know when a guest will feel prompted to write a review and tell the world about their happy moments at your hotel. Sometimes a simple, but timely gesture of your staff can become that triggering factor. A step even further in that direction is to rely on your regular guests and provide them with a review link on the web reservation system. Most surely they will be the best advocates of your hotel.

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