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Over the last decade, independent hotels have been gaining traction thanks to the constantly expanding travel interests of millennials. But the character of hospitality is fluid, and the conditions which have brought about the success of independent hotels may not hold true forever.

This is the reason why any hotelier with enough forethought for the future of their establishment looks at the brands that have withstood the fluctuations of the industry. By digging into what makes large hotel chains so durable you can extract solutions that can be used to grow your establishment and its brand.

These are the four focal points of the success of established chain hotels:

Focus on Building a Strong Team
Talent acquisition is pivotal for the well-being of your establishment. Acquiring motivated and outgoing hotel employees who are quick to learn and prefer to work in teams to resolve issues effectively are in high demand in hospitality.
These employees prefer to invest their efforts in working for established hotel brands because they offer a better opportunity for career advancement. So how do you recruit such people for your own team?
One major flaw in recruitment is that many hotel managers choose to hire employees they feel can fit in with their established routine of work, instead of looking for those who are both intelligent and hungry to learn and improve on the existing working environment. Such managers dismiss the very people that could benefit their team the most.
A good rule of thumb here is to recruit people with competences you do not possess and let them implement them. If an employee feels that their knowledge and effort is being put to good use then their loyalty is won.
Hire an Outside Consultant
You may know the workings of your hotel inside out, but a business analyst concerns themselves with the state of the industry as a whole. Involving a consulting company can help you make long-term plans for your hotel’s future, giving you a sense of stability that many independent hotels are not familiar with.
A consultant can also aid you in making difficult and often intimidating transitions, be it attempting to implement a new marketing strategy or making the big step by establishing your own chain of hotels. Having a consultant can also appease any potential business investors by providing you with the know-how of handling such negotiations.
Keep up with the Latest in Hotel Software
Having outdated and miscellaneous hotel software solutions is not doing you any favours. The majority of big chain hotels use integrated hospitality software in order to be able to share information between locations and manage day-to-day tasks on site.
Your property management system will provide you with the base of operations for your establishment. It can contain an integrated channel manager which can analyze the existing information on your various distribution channels, select the best rate-per-room based on the current demand and occupancy availability in your area and update it automatically. Your staff can now manage all property listings across all channels from a single platform.
A hotel PMS is part and parcel of the modern hotel experience. With solutions such as the self-service app aimed directly at the guests themselves. You can now outsource all of your services to the app and allow your guests to choose directly whether they’d like to book a dinner at your restaurant or order airport transportation to your hotel, all without having to directly engage with any of your staff.
Customise Everything
You may not have the resources of the Hilton to splurge on extravagant entertainment options for your guests but you don’t really need to. Customisation is now the centre of customer demand. Guests will value the effort you and your team put into accommodating their demands in order to give them the best experience possible .
Take for instance weddings, one of the most lucrative sources of revenue for an independent establishment. Weddings are also notoriously stressful for both the staff and the bridal party, and one way to alleviate this would be to offer the use of your event management solution that covers the step-by-step process of organising any event, while also providing the guests with a digital folio of all the event expenses in real time.
But large parties are not the sole focus on customisable guest experiences. Guest loyalty nowadays relies heavily on how personable their experience was. For such cases the self-service app allows the guest to make specific requests as to anything from what temperature they’d like to have AC on when they arrive, to any treats they might wish to find in their room upon arrival.
Set Standards and Uphold Them
Consistency on the quality of your services will be detrimental to the future of your hotel’s brand, especially if you plan on maintaining more than one location. Guests should know what to expect when they walk into each of your hotels. Creating this uniformity is something large brand hotels excel at and is something that smaller chains should really take stock of.
If you wish to get a better handle on what guests truly expect from your establishment you should encourage they leave a review of your hotel and give their honest opinion. Patterns of inconsistency of services are easy to spot and should be addressed as soon as they arise.
Thanks to your property management system your locations would be able to share information on guests so that when a guest who’s stayed in one of your locations decides to visit another, your staff there will be prepared for them.
But to further guarantee the even standards of the quality of your services you should review your hotel’s culture, the work ethics and values of your staff, as well as their ability to communicate effectively with both guests and amongst themselves.

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