Digital guest services

Many hoteliers, if not the majority, bemoan their relationship with OTAs - the high commissions, the rate parity clauses, the penalties and the poor marketing advice. They buy your keywords and outperform you in SERP for your own brand searches. Most hotels are playing hide and seek with travel websites finding "clever" ways to bypass rate parity rules by offering packages, incentives and perks. But they still count on OTAs to fill their property.

The thing is, this is small thinking. This is fighting the consequences, not the reason. If a hotel was able to sell all rooms directly and list only a limited inventory on OTAs just to take the benefit from the billboard effect, then this is smart occupancy management. Ditching rate parity is just a temporary survival instrument, not a solution.
The solution here is to change the way hotels use technology to increase direct sales and engage their guests. On any channel, personally, better than OTAs.

Hotel Speak gave us the opportunity to share more thoughts on hotel technological innovation and digital marketing as a means to shrink the influence of OTAs on travellers' booking habits and hotels' revenue. You can read the full article here:
How to Change your OTA Mindset and Reduce Commission Costs