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The willingness to evolve and venture into new territories is at the core of hotel management which is why property management systems (PMS) aim to embody this and create opportunities for constant improvement. Be it optimising revenue potential or managing reservations and late cancellations, having a hotel PMS is the go-to solution for improving your business model. Here are the main reasons you should consider investing in one:

It’s Quick, Affordable, and Easy to Use

When choosing a next-generation PMS which would effectively overtake the functions of your on-site solutions you must wonder if the platform would truly be able to outperform your existing software and, of course, how will this change impact your bottom line?

Software companies which develop hotel property management systems have focused their efforts on creating fully integrated cloud-based solutions. The new Cloud PMS costs you nothing in maintenance as the company itself will provide you with free online assistance if you need any.

At the same time, your business holds no risk of losing valuable data in case of hardware damage or malfunctions, as all of your information is stored in the cloud. And as far as price is concerned, most software companies offer a free trial of their solutions followed by a subscription or by-monthly payments, based on your individual needs.

Property management systems’ intuitive design makes it so that you and your staff can use a range of solutions to improve your work process, while not being console-bound, which will save you valuable time and resources.

However, when all is said and done, it’s all about how to get more reservations at a higher room rate. Which is why having an integrated channel manager and a hotel booking engine connected to your PMS is key to streamlining your sources of revenue.

Your automated revenue manager will generate the best rate per room and allow you to update it automatically across all distribution channels, while the booking engine will help you to avoid OTA fees and up your revenue by having potential guests book directly from your website or through your Facebook booking app.

Other useful solutions such as POS (Point of Sales) aid your staff in increasing your hotel bar and restaurant’s profit margin by allowing your guests to bill their room instead of having to pay cash.

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Integration is the Bridge to Improvement

You might feel reluctant to make an upgrade if you already have property management solutions of your own, even if they’re not next-gen. This is understandable as the push to constantly update the technology we use in our everyday lives is all around us. It might seem frivolous to replace something familiar which has proven its value with something that looks good on paper but at the same time comes across as too glossy and overhyped.

Which is why you need to consider the following: there is a rift between the old generation and next generation PMS. Collecting data in solutions which do not have the means of sharing said data through an open system puts your hotel at a serious disadvantage. Your solutions might provide you with all the information that you need, but at the same time not give you the ability to use it effectively.

If your PMS is not integrated, either because it’s out of date or because your solutions are products of different companies, it would make sharing profitable data a challenge, leaving room for streams of revenue that could go overlooked. An integrated PMS does not have this issue as all the data is synchronised automatically and is processed by the same system.

PMS integration further helps maintain long-term guest loyalty. If you run a small chain of hotels and a guest chooses to visit another of your locations, your integrated PMS will already have all the information about their previous stay, making your staff’s task of personalising their visit significantly easier while making a positive impression on the guest.

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Cutting Costs and Increasing Revenue with Cloud-PMS

Let's take in stock the long-term benefits that a new generation of PMS could bring to your staff’s working process. A modern hotel management system aims to improve staff efficiency allowing them to perform their duties with greater accuracy and at a reduced time cost.

This includes spending less time at the hotel front desk, as self-check-in software solutions such as a hotel self-service app which allows guests to check-in using their mobile devices, cuts down on one of your staff’s most time-consuming tasks, while simultaneously improving the customer approval rating of your establishment.

These are just some of the ways in which an integrated PMS solution such as Clock PMS Suite can aid your revenue management strategy in the following ways:

  • Using an integrated PMS is significantly cheaper than the outdated server databases, as a cloud-based solution does not require any on-site maintenance and provides your guests and your business with a safer alternative to store their information;
  • Integration allows your staff to both communicate better amongst themselves, to share useful information, and keep stock of your inventory in real-time which cuts down on your losses and increases guest satisfaction.
  • By using an integrated channel manager you can always be certain that your rooms are listed at their optimal price across all distribution channels, while late cancellations automatically go on sale and boost your revenue.

The Rising Demands of the Tech-Smart Traveller

Customer demand has become increasingly tech-forward over the last decade. Free wifi is now one of the central amenities in room listings so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that guests would attribute more value to an establishment that offers them mobile solutions to improve their stay. Be it, allowing them to check in at an off hour by using a self-check-in kiosk, or letting them use your hotel self-service app to arrange their transfer to your hotel, your guests will be made to feel quite at ease in your establishment, a good sign that they might choose to return again.

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