Clock Software appoints Neil Farren as a sales representative for Scotland - the most dynamically developing travel market in the UK. We are now even more dedicated to bring our all-round hotel management, distribution and guest engagement platform Clock PMS closer to the local hotelier community.

We are glad to announce the appointment of Mr. Neil Farren as a sales representative of Clock Software in Scotland. Neil has more than 20 years of combined experience in both hospitality management and hotel technology. He is conveniently based in Kilmarnock with easy access to the entire territory of Scotland.

Global hotel industry is an ongoing and accelerating process of migration to new exciting technological solutions, reinventing the way hotels manage, distribute and interact with modern-day guests. It is a process driven by the digital revolution, where all consumers are online and mobile and everything happens instantly, so there's no time for manual synchronisation and where disconnected systems impact the bottom line.

The Scottish hotel industry is gradually joining that process and Neil is joining right on time in our effort to assist Scottish hoteliers in understanding and adopting these new technologies and taking benefit on the new possibilities they offer.

Neil Farren Sales Representative for Scotland

Neil Farren

Sales Representative for Scotland

+44 781 783 8773
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