Digital Revolution for Hotels

Our CEO, Krasimir Trapchev joined other inspiring speakers last Tuesday, January 12th, at the Hotel Market Seminars in Stockholm. The event brought together more than 200 professionals from the hospitality industry, most of them senior level executives like General Managers, Revenue Managers, Sales and Marketing Managers and similar.

Krasimir was invited to hold one of the workshops during the event - 'Digital revolution for hotels'. He presented his view on the current state of hotel technology and the available old-school hotel management systems. The focus of the presentation lied on the way technology providers should change their products so that hotel systems switch from prohibitors to enablers. New generation hotel software should interact with the guest, provide cool modern features (that other travel segments have introduced long ago), be inexpensive, intuitive, consolidated and easy to use.

If you did not have the chance to attend the Hotel Market Seminars in Stockholm, you could download the full presentation here .

And if you are curious about how Clock PMS helps forward-thinking hoteliers manage their properties in a modern progressive manner, here you can find a presentation of this cloud hotel management system .