In today's visual and digital world, more and more restaurants are looking for ways to make their offering more attractive and respond to the changing expectations of their customers. With several generations now being used to manage their professional and social lives from their mobile devices, the interest in modernisation of services has spread across all industries. Food serving businesses are not an exclusion.

What is eMenu?

The eMenu ( also known as digital or electronic menu) is a digital form of your menu displayed on a tablet, with large vibrant pictures and attractive descriptions. With the new feature you can provide the appropriate service to each customer - please the savvy ones with e-menus or offer paper lovers the traditional printed menu. In Clock POS, you can see for which tables there are eMenus activated. If you are already using tablets as order-taking devices, you sure know that you can also offer your guests to sign their bill digitally on the tablet and have it transferred to their hotel room or company folio. To close the bill, the waiter can just take the tablet, sign in to the standard operation mode and proceed with any bill splits and payment transactions.

The electronic menu is designed for tablets, regardless of the operating system, brand or model. The same devices can be used by your waiting staff or provided to the clients as a digital menu. Don't worry, the waiter activates the eMenu function which makes it work as an external application. This means that your guests are not able to access any other screen of your restaurant POS system or do anything different from browsing your offers and placing orders.

The electronic menu has some clear advantages

First of all, it is the way you present your menu

When you hand over the tablet eMenu to the customer, the first thing they see is your high-resolution cover image. Entering the menu, they will see large, eye-catching high resolution photos of the food and drinks you serve, garnered with attractive descriptions - ingredients, nutritional facts or anything else you find appropriate to tell your customers about that specific item. You are able to give each dish a display name to make it sound even more tasty, like you would do in paper menus. The same counts for the menu groups. This won't replace the short and clear item names you use internally for your own convenience.

Electronic menus are a great cost-saver

They let you easily and quickly update your whole digital menu or only a separate item, rotate seasonal specials, promote holiday-specific dishes or just change the price of a dish at a moment's notice. Actually you can also do so from any place on this planet that has Internet connectivity. What you get with e-Menus is free instant changes of your offerings to relieve the burden of costly and time-consuming new prints. What is more, if you have set "Happy hour" campaigns in your restaurant, the electronic menu will display the discounted price in the specified days and hours. Automatically.

The service is faster

The orders your guests place from the electronic menu go directly to the kitchen printer or monitor in the preparation area. This saves your waiting staff a lot of time and footsteps and the customer can get their food and drinks served in less time. The more eMenus you have activated in your restaurant, the more time waiters will have to serve food in the most attractive way or engage with customers. This said, digital menus do not replace the human service and touch but only leave your employees more time and space to be creative in the serving process. Because restaurant business has long gone beyond the carrying around order tickets and plates full of food.

If you decide to improve your service for the younger and tech savvy audience, Clock POS gives you the ultimate solution. Beside all other modern features of the system, like digital signatures, instant wireless transfer of orders to the kitchens, "Happy hour", easy order handling and so on, the digital menus are yet another step to pleasing your customers and providing memorable service.

As always, you can try the Clock POS eMenu for free to test its functionality and acceptance by customers.

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