As you know, Clock POS is the restaurant system that allows you to have as many handheld devices as you wish. And, with a tablet in the hands of every waiter, service becomes much faster as orders literally fly to the kitchen and bar printers, while the staff takes time to interact with customers and enhance their experience. Now, Clock POS is ready to announce another improvement: restaurants that use our restaurant software can eliminate the costly printers and replace them with much more affordable kitchen monitors.

Basically the kitchen monitor can be any device with Internet connectivity, preferably in landscape format. It is connected to your online restaurant POS via local network or Internet connection which has several benefits:

  1. You don't have to establish a local network to your kitchen or bar, which is especially useful when it is situated far from the service area.
  2. The digital room service feature, which works on the guest's own device and uses a network of their choice, will be still able to send orders to the kitchen monitor.
  3. If you encounter a power outage or other technical issue, the monitor can use any alternative Internet connection to keep working. No more waiters stumbling on cables and disconnected printers.

Real time orders, sound and colour

No, this is not the description of a fancy mobile application. This is the way things are going to happen in your food preparation area with the new kitchen monitor feature. The devices of the waiting staff send orders instantly, and they appear on the kitchen display immediately. Put simply, visualisation is faster than printing. If you want, you can switch the sound notification on and a short signal will alert the staff about each new order. Additionally, colours will differentiate the orders by their age - the latest will be the brightest on the screen for easy recognition. For even more clarity, orders will come and will be displayed with the items in them separated in groups like before - e.g., starters, main dishes desserts and so on. This feature is already available in Clock POS and will keep working with the new devices. What can't be displayed on the paper tickets is the elapsed time for each order - an important value that is in front of your eyes at any moment.

Cut costs like you cut carrots

The printer devices used in the food preparation area are specific and therefore quite expensive. This is why we worked on the option to replace them with monitors. These could be standard tablets, TV screens or monitors that can be connected to a local and/or Wi-Fi network. Leaving aside the devices alone, their consumables are also a heavy burden on your budget, reaching thousands of dollars or pounds a year. And, in the harsh kitchen environment, the printers need special and expensive maintenance or they might stop working. The kitchen displays are a cost-effective alternative to this costly equipment and help you save on hardware, ink and paper while having better communication between waiting staff and the food preparation area, and being environmentally friendly. Go green and save!

Nothing to do but click a button

The kitchen display system does not need any special installations. You can turn it on by clicking a button on the home screen. You can select multiple preparation areas to be displayed and choose whether to fully replace the printers or use both. And the best part - unlike the printers, the kitchen monitors don't even need to be connected to the same local network.
You don't have to worry about hardware compatibility, Clock POS will visualise the orders on whatever device you chose without additional actions at your end or extra charges. You don't need a driver, or any integration interface, the restaurant software just sends the order tickets to one more display, neatly ordered to make all necessary information visible with one glance.

The kitchen monitor is the easy and affordable way to replace the dinner ticket wheel or whatever you use to manage printed orders. A display offers even more information, easy to oversee and sort out, while decreasing your costs for devices and consumables.

About Clock Software

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