cloud-based property management platform

Everybody seeks instant gratification, and guests are no exception to this rule. The agility in the hospitality industry is a key success factor. This might turn out tricky to achieve, if you don't bet on the right technology. Using a property management system might not be enough. You need to rely on a platform to stay ahead of your game, focusing the management of all operations in a single all-round cloud-based solution to meet the challenges of the highly competitive hospitality industry in real time.

Affordability – key feature of the cloud technology

Property management systems have gained recognition as the core engine of hotel operations. They guarantee the smooth running of operations at a hotel. Usually this involves substantial upfront fees, serious server infrastructure and IT specialists to support it, growing investments in hardware upgrades to cover the expansion of your business. Now the cloud technology can help you leave all of this in the past. A web-based hotel management system is the solution to meet your expectations for operational agility at an affordable price. Powered by the technological capabilities of the cloud and its servers, it securely and efficiently handles operations. Eliminate all great amounts in upfront investments and subsequent expenditures. Instead, you have a subscription and pay for what you need only. No strings attached. It is that simple.

All-round platform to expedite every aspect of your operations

In a time when connectivity is the new normal, the legacy management systems of the big players on the market offer solutions with partial connectivity options. When connected to a web reservation system, OTAs and channel managers, the property management system already operates as a platform giving you the means to easily and intuitively navigate through and manage the processes at your hotel and achieve better financial results and higher operational efficiency. The rich array of operation automation capabilities spares you money, time and manpower which otherwise would be harnessed to track several different systems and manually take care of the import of bookings and necessary changes to your offers across the various distribution channels you use. All of this is no longer needed – the platform automatically updates and synchronise all of your data in real time.

Stay in touch at all times

With the cloud-based platform, you have the freedom to manage your hotel from any place, the pool area or the lobby bar can become your reception desk, when the situation requires it. The partnership between the cloud technology and the mobile first interface lets you access the platform and handle hotel operations from any smart device at hand, instead of only relying on the computer terminal at the reception desk. The operational flexibility combined with the mobility leads to better targeted and personalised customer care and naturally produces greater guest satisfaction and loyalty.

Moving to a cloud-based property management platform will increase your bottom line, streamline operations and enhance security. Hoteliers can rely on real-time data synchronisation and update. Being able to stay closer than ever to their guests and their needs will surely contribute to the higher satisfaction and elevated experience of guests which is a guarantee they will keep coming back to your property.

About Clock Software

Clock Software is a global provider of cloud-based property management systems (PMS), integrated online distribution, online & kiosk hotel self check-in solutions and mobile & in-room guest engagement systems with customers in more than 65 countries.