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Let's stop for just a moment and remember how we arrived at regarding channel management as a bit of magic that made quite a severe headache go away. Before online bookings were commonplace, 'Property Management Systems' dealt with most if not all practicalities surrounding the day to day runnings of a hotel. This included the online booking's predecessor, involving contracts, allocated rooms and the like. While we all hit the web, some would say the people behind these PMSs were asleep at the wheel, neglecting to add the 'online features' increasingly needed by their clients. So there we suddenly had a noticable gap to fill, done so very admirably by startups from all around the world.

Fact remained however that hotels ended up dealing with separate interfaces, with varying degrees of integration between solutions and had to communicate with additional partners. In certain industry segments, the additional expertise required even ended up creating jobs. While dealing with an increasingly splintered set of hospitality software solutions, many would by now testify having at some point found themselves between the proverbial rock and hard place, when they really should have had one point of contact.

Adding to the paradox, the growing number of add-ons and clip-ons required for the succesful running of a modern accommodation business all still largely rely on the core data set that's still neatly kept inside of the PMS: availability, bookings and so on. While innovation in general and especially developments in the field of artificial intelligence will no doubt and justifiably continue to result in newfangled, standalone applications, isn't it about time that we at least consolidated what is nowadays at the core of it all?

The technology connecting accommodation providers to 3rd party online sales channels has now matured to being not much more than an 'electronic hatch' between the front of house and the kitchen and as such it has become a switch on, switch off type of affair. With the actual user interface where it belongs - firmly among the PMS's daily management features - users can experience seamless rate & availability control and practicalities such as rooms going out of service and housekeeper's awareness of arrival times are brought online.

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Clock Software is a global provider of cloud-based property management systems (PMS), integrated online distribution, online & kiosk hotel self check-in solutions and mobile & in-room guest engagement systems with customers in more than 65 countries.