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While low-cost accommodation still remains central to hostels, millennials have brought significant changes to the way this industry operates. The time of pen and paper bookings is long over. Every 7 out of 10 bookings for this type of lodging are made online. So a reliable hostel management system is not only a matter of convenience but has also become a must-have tool for ensuring effective online distribution and revenue management.

Changing times, changing strategies

Guests of hostels have always been looking for new experiences and opportunities to socialize. So it is only natural that most of them now take advantage of technology to stay connected at all times, plan their holidays, check and book the best offers online and on the go. And all of this is done in a few clicks. The obvious solution is the use of a hostel management system that can support inventory of both beds and rooms. Unlike hotels, hostels give their guests the chance to choose between a dorm and private room. Therefore you cannot simply go for any management software on the market, the system must be designed specially to handle hostel bookings.

Don't leave even a single bed unsold

With the majority of hostel guests being millennials, the importance of online distribution is skyrocketing. Whatever they do, it is via internet. As a result, the adoption of hostel booking software is on the upswing. Also the management of your inventory across multiple online channels has never been easier. It takes a few clicks only and a channel manager to distribute or automatically update your inventory in real time with each new booking made. It is just as quickly to make changes to the content and rates and have them simultaneously shown on your reservation system and the various websites. Another major benefit of the use of hostel management software is the streamlining of daily operations. It saves time and eliminates a lot of strenuous manual work and the related annoying mistakes.

Set the right rates at the right time

It is always about doing the right thing at the right time. But monitoring a multitude of parameters and flexibly react to the market changes can really be overwhelming. Here is why not only a channel manager can be used to spread rates and availability across online channels, but the booking software can automate the revenue management as a whole. Using the tools of a management system, various aspects of your revenue management strategy like seasonal prices and discounts, guarantee policies and restrictions, etc. can be set. As a result, your management software will handle bookings, even overbooking and cancellations according to your settings. You'll have more time to engage with guests and make sure they have a memorable stay at your hotel.

In a time of expanding connectivity and aggressive competition, it is crucial for hostels to have the best online exposure and the right tools to build effective revenue management. Only acting proactively to market challenges, when digitalisation has become the new normal, can ensure a growing number of bookings and improved guest engagement.

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