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In the recent years, social media brought a revolution to the way we search for information, interact and share our experiences. Nowadays, travellers use social media at every step of their journey. As a result, hotels have adapted to the new realities, and social media websites like Facebook and Twitter have become a powerful tool in their marketing strategy. The property presence on these and other social platforms is used as a driving force for boosting sales.

The rise of digital word-of-mouth marketing

One of the most significant effects of social platforms for hotels is the growing importance of digital word-of-mouth marketing. Researching potential destinations and hotels, a great majority of people rely on what the others have posted as photo content for travel ideas and more importantly as reviews to make sure they'll take the right holiday decision. Only if there are enough positive reviews, clients are inclined to book a stay at a given property, because they need an actual in-person experience validation of the tempting hotels' offers. Easily accessible and widely trusted, guests reviews have by far become the single most important factor that can make you a king the in the hospitality industry or ruin your brand reputation.

Simply reach out and connect with your guests

The strong presence of your brand on multiple social platforms comes with its serious perks. When having a savvy approach to social platforms, your offers, promotions of new service packages, updates of upcoming events, etc. can easily reach a wide range of potential guests, because nowadays people almost never go offline. And the best part is that it doesn't involve investing huge amounts. Still there is one simple rule you need to follow to continue building on your brand authority on social media and be able to reach a great number of potential customers - you need to upload and update shareable and interesting content. It is merely a matter of time for the number of potential guests coming across (and even better resharing) your content to start growing.

Skyrocket direct bookings through social media

Drawing on your brand reputation you can post tempting offers on your social media pages along with booking link to your web booking engine to reach a great many potential guests and considerably increase the number of direct bookings. But we are talking about direct bookings. Is there a way to even take a more direct approach? What if you can let your customers directly book a stay with your property in a click while being on Facebook. Yes, it's possible - you simply need an all-round PMS offering integration with Facebook. And why stick to Facebook only. Maximise your chances for more direct bookings taking advantage of the other social media, too. With the booking enquiry functionality of your PMS, you can handle enquiries from multiple social media and get back with personalised offers and special prices to your followers. Then it takes only a few clicks to create a booking as per their wishes. Here is how the versatile approach to social media can become your hidden in plain sight competitive advantage over your rivals.

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