A home for your career

Join us on our ongoing mission to reinvent the world of hotel technology and deliver what today’s hotels need. We innovate, improve, experiment and learn.

A home for your career

Our Company culture

Since 1996 we think of ourselves as a permanent startup, with all the ambition, happy staff and excited customers it takes to keep driving that forward, improving in every sense along the way.

Everyone’s appreciated

We are not a cold corporation - everyone finds their place and leaves their mark. We encourage communication and a working environment where everyone feels engaged.

We grow together

We constantly review everyone's performance to help stimulate personal growth. It is our founding principle that when the company grows, our people are rewarded.

Mutual loyalty

We are proud that about a quarter of our team has been with us for more than 10 years. We are trying to be a true home and steady base for our people's careers.

Level up your skills

We develop, innovate and experiment with the latest technologies and practices. Our people always level up their skills to advance their career.

Easy-going atmosphere

People operate better if they cooperate rather than compete. They achieve more if left to focus than work under stress. We believe in a casual atmosphere and real work-life balance.

Still trying to change the world

We are on a mission to make a whole industry better. We have been reinventing hotel technology so hoteliers can improve their guest’s experiences.


  • Attractive remuneration
  • Annual bonus
  • Company sponsored courses
  • Regular salary increases
  • Remote work options
  • Additional paid leave
  • Flexible working time
  • Guaranteed parking space

And much more as part of any forthcoming job proposal

Let the figures speak

Clock Software has consistently been one of the fastest growing cloud PMS providers


1500+ customers

Constantly growing number of clients


65+ countries

Trusted in over 65 countries worldwide


70+ employees globally

Ever-expanding network of employees

Be an important piece of our puzzle

We offer an easygoing and rewarding work environment

Nikolay Lazarov
Stoyan Nikolov
Silvia Ivanova
Sébastien Mainville
Yanislav Trifonov
Nikolina Nikolkova
Deyan Ivanov
Iliya Draginov
Oliver Hartmann

Hiring process

Submit your CV

Tell us what your skills, experience and career aspirations are. Help us understand the person you are.

Review and interviews

If your profile seems like a good match, we will invite you for an interview, so we can try to get to know each other better.

Job proposal

If things work out, we will present you with a job proposal. We will do so hoping you want to join us.