+ Central Reservations & Booking Portal:
 cost effective customer contact centres and user management


Let your most qualified staff sell all your properties from a single location. Or from any location.


Make your entire inventory bookable and cross-sell your properties to maximise your sales.


Consolidate everything: profiles, companies, reports. Instant and comparable data reporting leads to better management decisions.

One booking point for all

For staff:
Central Reservation Office

Product info always at your staff’s hands

Central desk can browse locations, properties, rates, and rooms and book a stay, create an event, or check the occupancy forecast. And since selling all your properties means they need to know their specifics well, the descriptions of hotels, rates, room types, and guarantee policies in the CRS make that an easy job with all the information just a click away.

Central online booking portal for Hospitality Groups

For guests:
Central online booking portal

Everything you offer can be found in the same place

The central web booking portal lets guests look for hotels and alternatives easily and book the exact rooms they want. To make the experience complete, clients can also buy extra services and packages while they are making their booking.

Central online booking portal for Hospitality Groups

Shared guest profiles and companies

The shared account database provides all profile details, specifics, and history to allow quicker booking and better custom service to repeat guests and corporate clients.

Shared Guest and Company Profiles

Consolidated reporting:
Giving you the complete picture

The more-in-one principle of storing data and matching analytic elements allow drawing both summary and detailed reports for all or any property from the central office. No data or fiscal import or transfers required.

Cross-Property Consolidated Reporting

Central user & account management

The single login point means all property accounts and their users can be managed from one place. Whether it is creating new users, managing account access or operation rights, or modifying account settings, you don’t need to log in and out for each. Instead, all properties are conveniently listed, so you can switch between them as need arises.

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