We're rebranding!

A change is in the air ...

After some thorough research and marketing analysis, we felt the rebranding of Clock Software is well in order. We opted for a more timeless and clear styling to reflect our strive for excellence since 1996 instead of betting on a trendy alternative that would be worn off just a few years from now.

A change for the better ...

We strongly believe this change will be for the better and it will help us to accomplish growth objectives on a global scale, and enhance our client relationships. Our website will migrate to the new identity within the next month.

Plenty more on the horizon

The process of launching our new corporate identity and logo will also coincide with the start of the gradual rollout of our new Material design GUI framework, our new GraphQL API plus the usual bunch of new features and automations all aimed at providing more capabilities to our clients.

More coming soon. Stay tuned!