Hotel Rosario La Paz,

"Clock PMS+ offers more than I expected."

Drawing inspiration from traditional local culture and art, hotel Rosario La Paz wraps its guests in charm and warmth.

Andean theme hotel increases online bookings with web based ClockPMS

Q: Please give a short description of your property.

E.Z.: Hotel Rosario La Paz is a charming colonial style hotel located in the historical and cultural centre of the Bolivian capital.

Q: What type of software were you using to manage your property?

E.Z.: We were using *****. It was a closed PMS with no access to the web and no channel manager. It was the Client/Server model and required a huge infrastructure to keep it running.

Q: What made you look for a new hotel management system?

E.Z.: The main reason was that we wanted a software with a direct connection to a Channel Manager. We opted for a web based solution because it can be accessed easily from anywhere.

Q: Why did you choose Clock PMS+?

E.Z.: The system offers more than I expected. A fully integrated channel manager, restaurant POS, automated guest emails, and so on. Another advantage is that It is web ready and deployment takes much shorter.

Q: What has changed for you/your business since you started using Clock PMS+?

E.Z.: With ClockPMS we have increased our bookings through by 100% in relation to the same month the previous year.

Q: Please share 3 things you absolutely love about Clock PMS+.

E.Z.: One, it is a web based solution. Two, there is an API for connection to external systems. Three, there are new features every month!

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