La Perla Suiza,

"The best feature about CLOCK is the team behind it, they listen to their customers and constantly improve their software. Clock PMS+ and POS are completely recommendable from small to bigger hotels and restaurants who are ready to implement a modern software that is completely online based."

La Perla Suiza – Swiss Resort is an exclusive 4* beach resort in South America (Ecuador).

This beachfront resort features a full-service spa and a private beach. free WiFi, 2 swimming pools with a pool bar. The hotel offers 20 rooms with air condition, hot water (some with a jaccuzzi on the terrace), an upper class restaurant, a lounge, a gym, and a bar.

Remote booking office, POS integration and OTA automation for a swiss jewel in Ecuador

Q: Please tell us a few words about yourself and your property

MD: LA PERLA SUIZA hotel was built by 2 Swiss partners in 2014 and is run by them personally. The goals have always been to offer an upper class and modern hotel service with a delicious restaurant at the beach. This also required to have modern systems and software in place (e.g. electronic doors, room reservation system, restaurant order service among other criteria).

Q: What type of software were you previously using to manage your property?

MD: From the beginning it was evident to us that we had to use only highly effective systems and software. After doing a research among the available software for hotels and restaurants, Clock PMS+ stood out for various reasons - for both the reservations and the orders in the restaurants and the bar. Very helpful was the trial period and the fast response to all our questions we had before and during the implementation of the software.

Q: What was the major challenge that you wanted to solve with the adoption of a (new) hotel software?

  • Reservations are done at our remote reservation office in Quito and simultaneously at the hotel desk
  • OTA distribution and synchronization of inventory
  • High upfront investment cost for a useful software / servers etc. - with CLOCK only a flat-per-month subscription fee applies
  • Reports and analysis for various parameters (occupancy, income, payments – e.g. who paid when with which payment type - credit card, bank transfer etc.,)
  • The challenge to manage different booking extranets manually (without automated interfaces)

Q: How did Clock PMS+ provide the solution for your challenge?

MD: Since we take reservations in another location than the hotel, CLOCK helps a lot to organize our work efficiently (there is no need for synchronization as the software is web-based). The software is easy to use, lean, reliable, and has a very good cost/benefit ratio (it's on a subscription basis, so you don't need to invest anything upfront). Another highlight are the interfaces to various booking engines (such as, tripadvisor etc.), which automatically synchronize our rates and availability with them.

Q: What else has changed in your property management since Clock PMS+ has been deployed?

MD: It is extremely helpful and beneficial for us how responsive the CLOCK team is to our enquiries. Almost always CLOCK offers a solution for a special need or if the request is useful enough for all CLOCK users they’re just going to implement it in a new update available for all hotels using Clock in just 2 weeks or so. This makes the software extremely flexible and it doesn’t mean manual parameterizations which usually cost a lot of money.

Furthermore, the interfaces of CLOCK make it extremely easy to work with online agencies such as,, etc. You just make price updates in the CLOCK system and publish them through the interfaces to all partners.

POS has also helped to shorten the time for taking the customer’s order to the kitchen (as soon as an order is put in POS through a tablet a signal goes off in the kitchen with the order). This couple of minutes that we save with every order (without the waiter having to walk to the kitchen to place the order) helps us a lot in order to increase customer satisfaction.

Q: Is there anything else you want to share about your experience with Clock PMS+ and/or Clock POS?

MD: PMS and POS are very user-friendly. There is limited time to spend to train new employees on how to use PMS or POS because many functions are straight-forward and self-explanatory. This also reduces time for the management.

The best feature about CLOCK is the team behind it, they listen to their customers and constantly improve their software. Many of our suggestions have been implemented at no cost in no time.

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