Watermark Cottages

"We needed a cloud-based system that can be accessed from everywhere and took the decision on switching to Clock PMS+."

Opened in the summer of 2016, Watermark Cottages is an exciting new cottage rental opportunity located right on the shore of the beautiful St. Lawrence River. This upscale boutique property will offer several unique cottage layouts, accommodating different occupancy levels so one is sure to fit your needs. Imagine swimming right from the properties shoreline to its own raft, or docking your boat at the facilities private slips only a few minutes walk from your front door.

Clock PMS+ is a cloud-based system to be accessed from everywhere

Q: What type of software were you using to manage your property?

A: We relied on pen/paper and excel.

Q: What made you look for a new hotel management system? What problems were you trying to solve? What results did you want to achieve?

A: We needed a cloud-based system that can be accessed from everywhere.

Q: Why did you choose Clock PMS+?

A: We took the decision on switching to Clock PMS+ for the Guest Service portal options and the wide range of add-on features.

Q: What has changed for you/your business since you started using Clock PMS+?

A: The biggest change came with the options for the online guest check-in and checkout which was accepted by our guests very well.

Q: Is there something you want us to improve?

A: I would appreciate it very much if the accounting functionalities of Clock PMS+ are further simplified.

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