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Be relevant in a digitally dominated world.

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Increase guest satisfaction and create new revenue opportunities.

Transform in-stay transactions into all-round throughout-journey experiences

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Online, mobile, & self check-in

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MyBooking portal

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Automatic guest mailer

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Self check-in kiosk

Woman with tablet using the hotel online check-in in Clock PMS+
Woman checking in by herslef at the hotel self-service kiosk of Clock Software

New, more, better ways to check in. Online, personal, unattended.

New times and new people require new solutions to traditional situations like hotel check-in. Let your guests benefit from the freedom brought by digital technologies and check in online from the comfort of their homes, or on their mobiles while they’re on the go, or on the kiosk at the hotel lobby and skip the line.

MyBooking portal. New dimension in hotel service

Today, for many the best service is self service. Allow your guests the complete satisfaction of being in control in the digital guest portal, where they can make payments, request changes to their bookings, even change their rooms, all on their own.

Required deposit payments

The digital guest portal in Clock PMS+ diplaying a pending deposit

Let guests pay their booking guarantee online, fast and secure.

Booking change requests

Mobile display with the 'Change of booking period' screen of the digital guest portal

Guests request changes in their booking dates, room type, or count so all goes according to plan, even when the plan changes.

Special requests

Adding special request to the hotel reservation through the guest self-service module

Give your guests something special in their room, be it a baby cot or a bed of roses.

Room upgrades

Room upgrade through the hotel app

Offer higher-grade rooms at preferential prices so both you and your guests get the most of their stay.

Select your favourite room

Room selection in the hotel self service app

Make check-in even faster by letting guests choose the room they want to stay in in advance.

Filling registration cards

Registration card in the hotel guest portal

Filling their registration cards online saves guests check-in time and eases the load off Reception

Tell us you are nearby

Nearby location notification in the hotel app

Guests checking at specific locations on their way to the hotel gives you enough notice so you are ready to meet them.

Cancel booking

Booking cancellation in Clock PMS+ mobile app

Cancelling a booking takes guests a click; you get a desktop notification. That’s all.

Check your bill

Bill preview in the guest self-service app

Whenever they need, guests can check their bill online and make sure all is in order.

Self checkout & Company invoice

Self checkout after payment in the guest self service

Pay their bill, check out, and download an invoice is yet another thing guests can do on their own in the self service portal.

Room service

Room service order from the digital hotel app

Boost room service revenue by inviting guests to browse your restaurant eMenu and order straight from it.

Rate your experience with us

Guest feedbak left through the self service portal

Use guests’ feedback to advertise your services or solve potential problems before they are blown out of proportion on social media.

Book a table at the restaurant

Restaurant table booking on a tablet

For a special occasion or just so, guests can book tables at the hotel restaurant online.

Guest mailer. Create new touch points throughout guest journey.

Never let communication with your guests go dead. Keeping it going is easy with the Guest mailer. How? It automatically sends messages to your guests at specific stages of their journey. What messages? The ones you have written in advance, customized with different templates for the different cases: guarantee payment reminders, room upgrade offers, special events invitations, etc., etc. That way you really keep in touch, reliably and reassuringly.

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Check-in kiosk. Exactly what you need.

Clock Kiosk allows your guests to check in without passing through Reception - complete or just confirm their registration card and sign it, then get their room keycard, even pay their bill in advance if your policy requires it, and it’s done. No queues, no stress. Just a kiosk in your hotel lobby.

It’s part of the PMS - for a better guest experience

Guest engagement is an intrinsic part of Clock PMS+ and works in complete harmony with it. Every action performed through the MyBooking Portal or the kiosk is instantly recorded in the booking details and in the guest profile. Every piece of information stored in Clock PMS+ guest history is used to optimise the stay. All to efficiently guarantee your guests’ ultimate experience with you, build loyalty, and transform into 5-star reviews and return business.

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