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Clock PMS+ is more-in-one cloud hospitality software focusing on property management, real-time distribution, and 2-way guest engagement.

Hostel PMS

Web Booking Engine

Lobby kiosk

Guest Self Service App

Central management

Central management

Payment Processing

Restaurant & Bar POS

Integrated Channel Manager

Advanced PMS for hostels

Managing rooms is not like managing beds, rooms, and beds and rooms. Clock PMS+ is designed to operate with the units you work with, whether you are a pure hostel or a hybrid accommodation property selling rooms as well.

Room calendar

Don’t let the name fool you. ‘Room’ is just a term here and the occupancy calendar show what you set it to. Each bed is a single unit. Sell it separately or sell the entire dorm as one virtual room, whatever your guests need. The calendar will always show your exact availability.

Rates that change with your availability

In the dynamic market of millennial travellers, where news travels fast and plans can change overnight, you have to act quickly or miss your chance. The occupancy adaptable rates of Clock PMS+ switch your prices depending on the number of free beds you have automatically so you optimise your profit.

Reports per bed

As a hostel management software Clock PMS+ provides the reports a hostel manager needs. Each bed has its availability and revenue input tracked separately, virtual rooms are taken into account, guests are analysed by cities and nationalities, and you always have accurate data and a clear picture of the business.

Two-way digital interaction

Online communication is the natural way of young people today. The guest engagement features of Clock PMS+ let hostels stay in touch with their guests in their natural environment.

Digital messaging

Staying in the loop is important if your guests are to make the most of their stay. Send personalised automatic emails to let them learn what’s on and hot, feel the vibe of the place, and help them plan and book services, activities, spaces.

Hostel digital messaging app on a mobile illustration

Hostel self-service web app

Apps are a frame of mind. Games, shopping, sports, food - millennials live off their smartphones. It’s only natural to give them an app where they can check in, book extra services, pay, even check out. A link in their booking confirmation, a PIN, and they are in, and you are in the game.

Hotel self-service app
hostel self-service web app

Lobby Kiosk

Clock Kiosk is the sleek addition that will turn your lobby into an any-spot reception area. Young people like to be independent and they hate wasting time. Don’t let them get bored waiting. That’s what the kiosk is for. Checking in, encoding keycards, even payments - it can handle everything.

Hotel kiosk
Hostel self check-in kiosk

Online bookings for the internet native generation

Hostel reservation system

Young people today live online and expect to be able to do everything online. Let them book online, too, through your website and keep everybody happy: they get what they want the way they want it, you get direct bookings free of commission. All you need is the integrated web reservation system of Clock PMS+ which is specially designed to sell what you sell: beds, rooms, or both.

Hotel booking engine Integrated channel manager

Be open, be friendly, be mobile

Be hip, be trendy, be active. Like your guests. Meet them at the door, check them in on the pink bean bag in the lounge, be of assistance anywhere, mingle. You can do that with our hostel system Clock PMS+. It’s mobile, runs on any internet-connected device, lets you move around freely and still do your job.

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