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Integration with 123compare provides various Conversion Rate optimization tools (Rate comparison widget, Cart Recovery, Email remarketing) to boost hotels’ direct sales. are a travel tech SaaS company focusing on increasing hotel direct revenue and enhancing hotel position in a guest journey. The company creates marketing technology digital products (MarTech) and provides services to increase hotels’ short term and long term revenue results.

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How it works

After the activation of the integration between Clock PMS Suite and, guests will see personalized and useful information right on time. Hoteliers can compare rates with online channels, highlight the direct booking benefits, offer a discount in case of leave intent, show smart messages and other CRO features are available:

  • Rate comparison widget
  • Cart Recovery & Cart abandonment
  • SMASH - smart messaging assistant
  • Email remarketing
  • Disparity control
  • Loyalty program Sign-In
  • Live Chat
  • Call me Back button
  • Customized widgets
  • And many others! Drop us a line to find out more

CRO tools will guide guests and help them finish the booking.

Most important features

Real-time Rate comparison widget

It highlights your advantages and reassure guests that they have the best deal on your website

100% personalization for SMASH

The personalisation for Smart Messaging Assistant enhances guest booking experience with relevant and useful information

Cart Abandonment & Cart Recovery

On average we recover up 35% of reservations after leave-intent is detected.


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