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Integration with aiosell

The automated dynamic pricing and revenue management with Aiosell’s unique AI system can help hoteliers increase their occupancy, ADRs (average daily rates) and reduce costs while saving their time and efforts.

Aiosell is an all-in-one system that provides all relevant features required for a hotel to successful price, sell, and position itself to generate higher occupancy and revenues. Increase your hotel occupancy by up to 10%, your hotel ADR (Average Daily Rate) - by 10-20% while reducing time, efforts, and costs.

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How it works

Upon the activation of the Aiosell integration, PMS users can now enable automated dynamic pricing using AI integrated to their hotels:

  • Aiosell Revenue management system has the ability to change prices real-time based on several dynamic factors like demand, availability, time, seasons, competition, analytics and context.
  • These prices are automatically pushed to Clock PMS, and then can further be pushed in real time to a Channel Manager if already connected with Clock.
  • This is the future of hotel marketing as more and more business comes from online channels and customer buying behavior is more and more oriented to real-time and last minute decisions.

Most important features

Automated Dynamic Pricing using AI

Competition Rate Shopper & Validation Tool

Reviews & Reputation Management


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