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Integration with Cendyn

eInsight CRM provides marketing automation and guest intelligence for enterprise hotels, multi-property and multi-brand hotels.

eInsight is a comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform for hotels that consolidates, engages and measures disparate data transactions on travelers throughout the guest journey. Business rules based automation combined with dynamic personalization and upsell opportunities drive revenue through multiple channels and helps hotels acquire new customers.

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How it works

By integrating eInsight CRM to Clock PMS, hoteliers are able to drive loyalty and leverage real-time data to provide personalized one-to-one communications for every guest.

Guests love it when hotels pamper them with a personalized experience — both online and on-property. Cendyn’s eInsight CRM gives you unmatched insights for personalization with enhanced guest profiles and deep segmentation. Increase bookings and ROI with automated, highly targeted multichannel communications that build engagement and loyalty, and continuously optimize your results with robust analytics.

  • Consolidate profiles through a centralized data warehouse.
  • Gain insight into guess based on their total behavior and interests.
  • Connect to third-party data to find new qualified audiences.
  • Personalized one-to-one and transactional communications.
  • Build, send and measure email campaigns with real time reporting.
  • Connect seamlessly with other technology vendors and Cendyn solutions to build the most robust view of your guest.

Most important features

Merged guest profiles

Consolidated business intelligence

Personalized communications


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