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Integration with Guestmeter

The integration between Guestmeter and Clock PMS+ integration allows hoteliers to automatically send guest satisfaction surveys via international SMS or email and get guest feedback during the departure process.

Guestmeter is a growing guest feedback management software helping the global hospitality industry better understand and improve guest experience and manage reputation. Our skilled guest satisfaction experts develop bespoke technology that provides an easy tool for hospitality professionals to capture, monitor and amplify guest reviews. Guestmeter identifies happy and unhappy guests before they publish negative online reviews and turns your guest experience into more positive reviews on Tripadvisor or Google and other review sites.

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How it works

Leveraging the integration between Clock PMS+ and Guestmeter, you can Engage with your guests and measure their satisfaction with Net Promoter Score® Surveys at every touchpoint. When a booking is checked out on Clock PMS+, an email or SMS survey sent from Guestmeter.:

  • If a guest has both email & mobile number data, the email survey will be the primary method.
  • If a guest only has a mobile number, the SMS survey will be sent.

Most important features

SMS & Email Surveys

Add single or multiple guest names and mobile numbers to send international SMS surveys to get guest feedback. Send embedded email survey invitations to guests with the first survey question in email and get guest feedback instantly.

Kiosk Surveys

Take on-site guest feedback via Tablets and Phones. Set up a Guestmeter survey via a kiosk or just hand device in-person.

QR Code Surveys

Expand on guest feedback collection methods by using your own branded printable QRs like brochures, invoices and more.


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