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Integration with Experience Hotel

Take back control of your Guest relationships before, during, and after their stay.

Whether you manage a large hotel or a guesthouse, the PMS is today an indispensable tool for optimizing your revenues and managing your clientele, while saving you time! But what is also important, is that your customer information is transmitted in real time to your CRM tools.

Experience Hotel solution offers to manage customer relations in your establishment in 5 steps: Retrieve your customers' contact information, qualify them to understand their desires, provide them with extraordinary service, encourage them to comment on your establishment, and finally ensure that they keep in touch with you until they become regular customers.

Our CRM solution will build accurate and centralized customer files, in full compliance with the RGPD, allowing you to adapt your offers to travelers passing through your hotel, to give them special attention, and to better target your communication thereafter.

Experience Hotel helps to date nearly 1000 hoteliers in their quest for an all-in-one tool, which allows them to respond to all kinds of problems.

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How it works

Through the integration between Clock PMS+ and Experience Hotel, you can take advantage of a CRM and Email Marketing solution to efficiently manage your customer relationships.

  • Use the Customer Satisfaction tool to retrieve your customers' data in full compliance with the RGPD, personalize their stay thanks to a welcome email with survey that will offer them tailor-made services, segment your databases and improve your e-reputation by anticipating negative comments.
  • The Marketing tool allows you to centralize your databases so that you have a complete and unified view of your customers' activity, to create your newsletters with an intuitive tool and imagine hundreds of automated scenarios for all the events you consider key. The goal is to build customer loyalty and help you regain control of your customer relationship before, during and after their stay.

Most important features

An email campaign solution designed for hotel managers

Guest databases centralised, cleaned-up and segmented

A complete tool to manage the entire guest relationship


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